14.24: The Key to It All

What's so special about 14 minutes and 24 seconds?

That's exactly 1% of a full day (24 hours).

And why would spending 14 minutes and 24 seconds each day perusing this website be the "Key To It All"?

  • Because it could ensure you never run out of seed corn for having a great life.

  • Because it could be that ever-strengthening foundation that supports and makes possible having everything else that you want.

  • Because it could give you that fulcrum and a place to stand to move your universe.

  • Because it could be that one fundamental difference in your life that makes all the other differences.

  • Because it would become that "rising tide that lifts all ships," supporting and enlivening everything thing else you do in the other 99% of each day.

Consider the validity of this claim: 


Devote just 14 minutes and 24 seconds each day (that's only 1% of your day) to peruse, explore, review, apply, and even critique AskDwightHow. If you do this, your life will continuously shift towards, not only having more of what you want, but, even more importantly, a delight in the hour-by-hour and day-by-day journey of it all.

What a small investment (1% of your day) for such a huge payout!

Start small: prove me wrong or prove me right


Try it for two weeks and notice what happens. Set a recurring alarm on your mobile to remind you to do it each day. Be wary of the "urgent" pushing out the important. Doing 14:24 is super important, but it won't naturally occur as urgent.

I'll respond

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I'll respond.

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