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Dwight GoldWinde

Life and Lifestyle Coaching

Creator of Whole Life CoachingSM

Wayne Ashton Samms

Friday, July 22nd, 2022

Dear Wayne…


Thank you for accepting my gift of a free, one-hour coaching session. I'm confirming our appointment at 9:30 AM on Friday, July 29th and giving you the information to prepare for getting the most from your gift.

Don't underestimate me (or yourself)

Yes, often it's important and necessary to achieve big things step-by-step, over time. But it's also possible to create a life-changing difference in one hour. That's my intent for your gift session with me.

I will create a life-changing difference for you in one hour


That's a bold statement. But the truth is, through working one-on-one with thousands of clients over the past 35 years, that I've developed insights into the various issues that we humans face that will likely enable me to create an unanticipated breakthrough for you during our telephone session together.

...but we need a problem that's big enough

A big breakthrough requires a big problem or a big change you want to make. Not necessarily big for others, but big for you.

Maybe you already know what that is, but if not...


It doesn't mean that it doesn't exist for you.

  • Perhaps you've become resigned about something because you've decided that it can't change.

  • Perhaps to "make life easy" you've set your sights low, pretending that you're okay with that.

  • Perhaps you don't recognize a problem as a problem because everyone seems to have it and you think that is normal. 

  • Perhaps you think you already know what to do to solve the problem, but you're not doing whatever that is, so you don't think I could help you with that problem.

  • Perhaps you think you should be able to solve the problem by yourself or by using a certain limited technology, so you're reluctant to openly sharing your problem with me as an "outsider." 

  • Perhaps you're critical of yourself for having the problem so you're reluctant to share it openly with me.

  • Perhaps you've already tried the solve the problem, even with the help of experts and it's remained intractable, so you don't want to be discouraged again by bringing it to the table to work on with me.

  • Perhaps someone close to you might be upset if they knew you shared the problem openly with me.

  • Perhaps the problem just seems too private or personal to share with me.

  • Perhaps a part of you knows that you get a lot of benefits from not solving this problem and you don't want me to point out those benefits to you.

All these reasons and more may account for why you're unaware of that big problem or you haven't yet considered tackling it in your upcoming gift session with me.

Whether you know your big issue yet or not...

I urge to you review in the order given each of the links below as a primer to enhance the possibility of creating blockbuster results for you in our upcoming telephone session together.

Your life EQ (take the quiz)

Your biggest issue (questionnaire)

Prepping for your session with Dwight

Who is Dwight?

Quick over easy: one liners

For a life you love,



Dwight GoldWinde

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