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These tools, singly and in combination, create peace and cooperation between adults and children.

Prerequisite tools

Contextual tools

Respect cf. love 

Actions tools

Tools in the queue


These tools, singly and in combination, create peace and cooperation between my-now and my-next.

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Just asking the question

The 15-15 way

Under promising

Doing it with others


Step by step

Lower your standards

My-next showing respect and consideration for what my-now wants and needs

Lifestyle first; accomplishment second

Letting go of trying to prove something

Letting go of part of your identity

Undoing fear

My-now/my-next partnership conversation

My-next creating a clear and compelling goal/intention

Being present, being here now

Doing nothing until my-now and my-next can agree

Letting my-now and my-next clearly state what they each want

Recognizing and acting on that your #1 job is to take care of yourself

Getting clear about cost with profit

Creating small gratitudes

Declaring certain my-now indulgences off the table

Bringing life inspirations to the process

Remembering enjoying the process as priority

Dismantling a belief

Allowing/scheduling my-now time and choices

Creating a game

Setting up your accountability and celebration

Managing mood and energy

Putting choosing courage and enjoying the process first, with results second

Choosing courage to take care of yourself with others

Creating buffer in your life

Removing my-now distractions from the environment

Enchanting, whining, and screaming