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Calla Hu - November 27, 2014


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You may encounter a person who will change your life. Dwight might be one of them. After I met him, courage is no longer as I defined before, which was something without fear. It's actually a choice which everyone has the power to choose. I thought I didn't have courage to make my life better, but with Dwight's coaching, I began to choose courage and embrace fear, And then I am surprised to find out that many things I thought could not be accomplished are done just like miracles.

After just two months, I got five more students. My confidence of teaching ability is increasing. I used to be shy and now I look for chances to talk with strangers and many of them ended being my good friends. I could not persist on doing things before, but now I can successfully persist on doing one thing for thirty days again and again...I may be surprised to change more and more in the future.

I want to give my deepest thanks to Dwight, because my life is becoming better and better with his coaching.

With warmest regards,

-Calla Hu

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