Choosing Courage Consistently

Courage: Your Keys to a Thousand Doors

We can live a happy and fulfilling life without many things. But not without courage. If you understand courage and you choose it consistently in your everyday life, then you will resolve almost any problem that you have, as well as get almost anything that you want.

The fundamental tool

The ability and willingness to choose courage is the most fundamental tool in empowering all other tools detailed in the other five toolkits:

Making courage easy (and easier)

The breakthrough approach to understanding and choosing courage is to know that choosing courage can be made easy by making friends with your fear (unresisting your fear) through a process called undoing fear.

And even beyond that, choosing courage gets easier and easier by building up your "courage muscles" through practicing the four steps of choosing courage.

Your first "go to" toolkit

This toolkit is your first stop (of the six toolkits) in learning the steps that result in a life of happiness, accomplishments, great relationships, and full self-expression.

Contextual tools

Paper-tiger fears

Happiness is our natural state

Action tools