Factbelief (cf. Fatebelief)

A major source of disagreement and confusion between people is a lack of the distinction between a factbelief and fatebelief. We just call them both beliefs, not being clear which type they are. These two different meanings of belief are often conflated, creating unnecessary misunderstandings and misapplications.

The meaning of the word factbelief lies inside a domain of distinctions called “assertions.”


An assertion is a statement of fact that one is willing to provide evidence for, either directly or indirectly. This is a type of belief that scientists and technologists deal with. We also use this type of belief to get around in our everyday life.

Here are examples:

  • “I factbelieve that this floor is wet.”

  • “Scientists factbelieve that water is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen.”

  • “I factbelieve that the square root of 144 is 12.”

  • “I factbelieve that my mother is dead.”

  • “I factbelieve that I can buy an airplane ticket from Shanghai to Tokyo.”

  • "I factbelieve that I can buy this apple for 29 cents."

  • "I factbelieve that I can open this door by turning the doorknob."

  • “I factbelieve that I am feeling sad right now.”

See Fatebelief.