Kids and cats:

our gigantic gurus

Cats: my first gurus

We humans are doing machines. We are always doing something. Planning. Busy this. Busy that. What's next? Talking. Eating. Reading a book. Watching a movie. Playing with the handphone. Getting to sleep... But have you ever done nothing?














Sometimes my cat Princess is busy. Playing, chasing a fly, eating, sleeping. But often she is doing nothing. She's a master of doing nothing. I timed her one time for 29 minutes (that's what I was doing) when she was doing nothing. Just  sitting, staring off into space, totally content.  Doing nothing. Accomplishing nothing. Proving nothing. Changing nothing. Just being. She's my idol...she's my #1 guru.

Check out undoing something.

Kids: my second gurus

Young children are the happiest, most energetic, most curious and creative people in the world.  When introducing myself, I often say, "You may be surprised to learn that I am three years old. I'm just pretending to be 75." After getting to know me, people agree, I am just three years old. I see life as my playground. Everything and everyone was put here just for me to play with. I take everything as an adventure. And I am filled with curiosity. Just as kids do naturally, I have learned that, when I am sad, I express my sadness (with myself or others) and it flows through me. I have learned that when I am frightened, to let the fear flow through me, just as kids do.

Jesus agrees

"Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 18:3

Check out enchanting, screaming, and undoing fear.

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