KtoK Checklist

KtoK = Key to the Kingdom

Does any of this sound familiar?

"How did the day get away from me?"

"I said I would return that call, but it just slipped my mind."

"From the time I got up, it was just one thing after another."

"No matter what I do things keep dropping through the cracks."

"I'm busy but I still don't get the really important things done."

"I never feel like I've got it all together."

A few fundamental toxic habits can contribute to this state of affairs. These include over-promising, no planning, planning without buffer, relying on your brain to remember things, prioritizing results over processand lack of Now-Next Integrity.

KtoK: the first key

If you want to fundamentally address all these issues, where do you start and where do you return yourself to if there's a breakdown?

The answer is KtoK. It's the key that unlocks the door to all the other keys. If you can always keep this key in your possession, which means using it every day, then, when there are problems with the other keys and habits, you can return to this key to repair the breakdowns or refurbish your life procedures.

KtoK is a checklist of checklists

It may include some other directly executable instructions, but most essentially it is a checklist of reminders/instructions to read/execute the items on other sub-checklists, which could even include some sub-sub-checklists.

A sample KtoK Checklist

Your KtoK will likely be different. This one is more my style. I'll use it to illustrate the principles of building, maintaining, and using your KtoK.