Damages caused by Next
in the Now/Next wars

When Next occurs as being able to get their way at the expense of Now, then it can seem that we’re “successful” and we’re being responsible.


But this lack of integrity between Next and Now devastates the quality of our life. The following are often the results of a life more dominated by Next:


➩ No feeling of freedom or spontaneity

➩ Overpromising, overwhelm, and feeling rushed (because my-next thinks more accomplishment is always better); having no buffer

➩ Tolerating the process and trying to get through just for the results

➩ Disappointing others (because my-next overpromises)

➩ Feeling like you’re always having to prove something

➩ Always being busy, but without a sense of fulfillment

➩ Being impatient with yourself and others

➩ Disappointment in yourself and blaming yourself for any my-now motivated behaviors that manage to surface; feeling guilty

➩ Unaccepting and judgmental of any my-now motivated behaviors in others (especially if these others are your children)

➩ Feeling that life is hard

➩ Feeling that life is unfair

➩ Feeling that life is boring

➩ Feeling that life is scary and dangerous

➩ Regretting the past and even waiting for life to be over

➩ Can’t feel the meaning of life; what’s it all for anyway?

➩ Resignation

➩ Lost self-confidence in your ability to be happy

➩ Lost energy and passion

➩ Lost curiosity, playfulness, spontaneity, and adventure

➩ Lost sense of an exciting future (it will just be more pushing)

➩ Depression and anxiety


Let’s now look at a new world, a world of integrity between Next and Now, a world in which Next and Now both win.