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Creating respect, peace, and cooperation between my-now and my-next is the most important set of all life skills.


Five powerful approaches:


In this introduction we’ll focus on five approaches:


Just asking the question

The 15-15 way

Under promising

Doing it with others


These are just five methods for creating and maintaining my-now/my-next integrity. Continue to learn about each of these. After this, you can continue onto the final aspect of integrity by learning about my-me and my-you.

(If you want to explore ALL the approaches for creating my-now/my-next wins, not just these five, you can link to creating my-now/my-next wins.)

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Ways to create integrity, peace, and cooperation


Making friends with fear
Clear intention/passion from my-next
Integrity conversation
Let go of "proving something"
Combine with something enjoyable
Lower your standards
Letting go of expectations
Absolute covenants
Courage to challenge identity
Presence and okay with now
Letting go of fighting with reality


Talking chair to chair
Sit/negotiate until agreement
Enfolding costs
Lifestyle first; buffet of choices
Set/celebrate mini-goals
My-next acknowledges my-now
Planning my-now time
Planning for buffer
Time travel between my-next and my-now
Clarity and expression of life purpose