Table of Contents



What order?

You can read or watch this tutorial either sequentially or by section chosen out of sequence. Although the insights, perspectives, and techniques have some overlap between sections, each section can be understood and absorbed independently of the others. The approaches of each section act synergistically with those of every other section.

Don't skip the first section

The first section, however,  which is short, provides a foundation for all the the others and should be read first.

Jump in!

  1. Getting started (an overview and some basic understandings)

  2. Now and Next (solving the now/future problem)

  3. Express and Emage (solving the self-expression/belonging problem)

  4. Oneself and Others (solving the me/others problem)

  5. Courage (understanding and choosing courage to have a great life)

  6. Interpretation colored glasses, and beliefs (your thoughts are your world)

  7. Meta-minding (going to the balcony)

  8. Beyond blame (entering the world of innocence)

  9. The child's spirit (re-owning and re-discovering your child within (children are the happiest people in the world)

  10. Toxic words (clean up your language; clean up your life)

  11. Cognitive biases (the possibilities of “less wrong”)

  12. Quoting myself (big ideas in a few words)

  13. Quoting others (inspired by others)

  14. Glossary (new words and essential distinctions)

  15. Recommendations (books, websites, organizations, movies)

  16. Acknowledgements (whose shoulders have I stood on?)