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Life Fundamentals
(the tutorial)

After you finish this tutorial, you will know the basics of how to solve any life problem.

That's an audacious claim. Its foundation is my own life experience as well as the life experiences of my clients.

But the proof is in your pudding. Use the insights and techniques you learn from the what you learn in the various rooms of "The 14:24 Guest House" and notice the step-by-step changes in your life. 

A Tutorial

Schooling: what was it worth?

Formal schooling has consumed at least 12 years of your life. You sat in classrooms for almost 20,000 hours (that's equal to 833 days 24/7), not counting whatever time you spent doing homework.

And what did it get you?

Did you learn how to be your own best friend? Did you learn how to enjoy great relationships with everyone else, while always taking care of yourself too? Did you learn how to love the dance of the journey while accomplishing a lot in the process? Did you learn how to be crazy about your work, career, and life directions? Did you learn how to enjoyably eat for vitality and longevity, staying as far away as possible from sickness practitioners (otherwise known as doctors)? Did you learn how to have a great life?

Not likely. Our formal schooling teaches us something. But not what's really important. 

You'll learn all of that here at AskDwightHow, starting with this Life Tutorial. It's fun. It's easy. It's exciting. Jump in!

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