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First level tools


First level tools are basics. They can be used independently to get certain desired results. For example, undoing fear is a first level tool. Second level tools are approaches to use one or more first level tools to generate their results. For instance, undoing procrastination is a second level tool.

Some tools are more NNI oriented. Others are more MYI oriented. These are noted as such. Any tool which can serve both NNI and MYI rather equally are left as non-specific.


List of all first level tools

Every problem is two problems

Kickstarting a mental habit

Partnership Conversation (MYI)

37 Questions (MYI)

Stay fit in 5 minutes a week (NNI)

Undoing fear

My-next showing respect to my-now (NNI)

Divide and Conquer: just 29 minutes to a clear desk (NNI)

Five-minute trial

Small celebrations

Is your life a buffet?

Enchanting (NNI and MYI)

Being present (NNI)

Your #1 life priority (NNI)

Sitting for decision

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