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Procrastination was a major fixture in my life

     I got in trouble with the IRS by procrastinating on filing my taxes.

     I procrastinated on doing my homework from grade school through college.

     I procrastinated in approaching women I was interested in.

     I procrastinated in exercising.

     I procrastinated in getting serious about eating healthfully.

     I procrastinated on so many things I wanted, so many things that would have been good for me.

     I procrastinated until deadlines forced my hand, oftentimes even beyond that, to great cost to me and others.

Just a memory now

Procrastination is now something I remember from my former life. Today, if I decide to do something, it’s done...on or ahead of time: exercise, eating super healthfully, filing with the IRS, keeping any agreements I have with myself or others.

Undoing procrastination

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I worried about what others thought of me.

I worried that others would blame me.

I especially worried about being rejected by attractive women.

Today, if I find myself worrying, I quickly dissolve it.

Undoing worry

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Oh my God, so much guilt I felt!

I felt guilty every time I masturbated, from eleven years old to almost twenty years old.

I felt guilty about my strong desire to have sex with (so many) women.

I felt guilty about trying to maintain boundaries with my wife.

I felt guilty for disappointing one of my computer software clients.

And so on...

I rarely feel guilty now...and, if I do, I undo it.

Undoing guilt

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My problem list: Inner_about

Turning Interest Into Action


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