If have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.
-Isaac Newton






Dr. Nathaniel Branden

     (Biocentric Psychology)

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

     (Transcendental Meditation trainings

     and retreats)

Werner Erhard and Landmark Education

     (est training, The Forum and others)

Dr. John Grinder and Richard Bandler


Tony Robbins

     (Date with Destiny)

Fernando Flores

     (language distinctions)

Harry Palmer

     (The Avatar Course)

George Adair

     (Omega workshops)

Byron Katie

     (School for the Work)


These people (all of whom I personally know or have known) have been significant in affecting my personal growth that today allows me to have both the inspiration and ability to create “Ask Dwight How.”


Dorothy Alice Minkler (my mother). We don’t get to pick our parents. Destiny made a better choice for who would be my mother than I could have made.


Jackson Dwight Minkler (my father). Because, when growing up, I didn’t understand my father and I blamed him, our relationship provided me with the fertile ground to dig deeper into myself and to learn to love and appreciate him.


Ruth Wolfert (Gestalt counselor). She helped me to uncover the world below my conscious thoughts (working with her for a few years, starting when I was 26 years old).


Louise VanBuskirk (my first wife). We researched together the world of romantic relationships. She also supported me in changing my career in April of 1987 from a computer software consultant to a life and lifestyle couch.


Yuko Nagai (my second wife). She provided on-the-job training for me to learn how to create and maintain good relationship boundaries.


Trish Coffey (coauthor of my book on courage). Trish has been a valued friend and bouncing-ideas-around partner since the year 2000.


Heidi Yang (my personal/business assistant since 2010). She has provided an ongoing support structure as well as everyday encouragement for whatever I have been up to.


Apologies to hundreds of others who have made a direct difference in my life, but are not mentioned above.



Help with this website

Leslie Carruthers, a marketing sleuth, patiently helped me see past my own "curse of knowledge" cognitive bias.

Daniel Patterson, super wiz with HTML, created the code for "problem searching" under "Your Problem?" Email

The following have done "walk throughs" and reviews with me on various portions of "Ask Dwight How" and generously provided invaluable feedback.

Alex Patterson

Amy Zhu

Anne Wayman

Bud Hazelkorn

Daniel Patterson

Frank Jorgensen

Heber LeBaron

Heidi Yang
Jeff Newman

Jim Burk

Karen Tonisson

Kat Udarro

Leslie Carruthers

Maya Meng

Paul Lancaster

Phil Blackmon

Sam Sonnie

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