Next (always capitalized)

Next denotes that part of every human being whose job and interest it is to take care of our future (both near and far) for that person, to have the future be good, where there is more happiness and less unhappiness (and pain) in the projected future. This is the part of us that imagines, makes promises, makes plans, and lives in the intention, hope, and anticipation for our future. It also can live in the worry, anxiety, or dread that our future will be bad (unhappy). Whenever wanting to indicate more specifically the Next as that part of yourself or that part of another person, you can denote that part more clearly by using that person’s name in the word construction, as an example, Dwight-Next (denoting my Next).

Usage example: Her Next thought she should study for her test for another hour. But her Now wanted to chat with her friends.

For a fuller description of Next and its relationship to Now, go to Now and Next.

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