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Now, Child, Your-Now, and Your-Child, each always capitalized (cf. Next)

Now denotes that part of every human being whose job and interest it is to take of the now or the near now for that person, to have a now and a near-term now that feels good, that feels comfortable, and doesn't feel bad, to maximize happiness and minimize unhappiness right now. This is the part of us that easily goes with the feeling or thought of the moment, doing its best to take care of now. Whenever wanting to indicate more specifically the Now as that part of yourself or that part of another person, you can denote that part more clearly by using that person’s name in the word construction, as an example, Dwight-Now, denoting my Now. 

An exact synonym of Now, especially in relation to Next and Parent, is Child, meaning the child that is a part of you, regardless of how aware and respectful you are as parent to that child). Any construction using "Now" can also use "Child." For example, Dwight-Now and Dwight-Child mean the same.

Your-Now is used to denote your Now, as distinct from anyone else's Now and from the Now that refers to everyone's Now.  Similarly, Your-Child would mean your Child.

Usage example: Her Now kept distracting her from her studies, tempting her with other fancies that seemed more attractive.

For a fuller description of Now and its relationship to Next, go to Now and Next.

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