ways to create and maintain

Now-Next Integrity

The wars, battles, and skirmishes

The ongoing wars, battles, and skirmishes between the Now and Next constitute the most fundamental problem of humanity. See Now and Next for a full depiction of the carnage this creates.

Creating peace and cooperation within by creating Now-Next Integrity

The tools in this toolkit, singly and in combination, create peace and cooperation between Now and Next. They support and maintain NNI (Now-Next Integrity).  

Two types of integrity 

Total integrity consists of two fundamental types: NNI and OOI (Oneself-Others integrity) working together. NNI is more fundamental than OOI since achieving OOI is more problematic unless you have first achieved some level of Now-Next Integrity. Creating and maintaining both types often require unresisting your fear and choosing courage.

Every tool in the NNI toolkit is also a tool in the OOI toolkit (yet are not explicitly included there).

Check out this list of common conflicts between Now and Next to know the full depth of our lack of integrity.

The tools to support Now-Next integrity flow out of answering the fundamental question, "How can Now and Next both be agreeable and happy (in a given context)?" The following links detail the various tools that you can use to create and maintain this integrity.

Problems that will disappear

The following issues (problems) will be minimized or more likely disappear as you create and maintain Now-Next integrity.


  • Procrastination

  • Perfectionism

  • Lack of persistence (giving up when it would be better not to give up)

  • Getting distracted

  • Lack of patience

  • Feeling pressured

  • Feeling overwhelmed

  • Stress

  • Breaking promises with yourself

  • Not eating for energy, health, and good weight

  • Not keeping physically fit

  • Not staying well rested, with enough sleep

  • Breaking promises with others

  • Resistance to planning and goal setting

  • Not following through on your plans

  • Not having enough time

  • Not having enough money

  • Waiting for things to be over

  • Upset when you don't get a result you went for

  • Feeling things are taking too long

  • Getting discouraged

  • Feeling you're behind on things

  • Over promising

  • The urgent often pushing out the important

  • Not having time to take care of yourself

  • Feeling that life is meaningless

  • Feeling like it's never enough

Now-Next integrity should be your #1 priority, right!?

Check out your current Now-Next integrity EQ:

The tools below will move your NNI EQ toward 100%

Prerequisite tools


Contextual tools


Nutrition, exercise, and sleep tools​ (essential for supporting Now-Next integrity)


Action tools (other than nutrition, exercise, and sleep)​


Upcoming tools

  • Contextual tools

  • Are you willing to grow up (be an adult)?

  • The benefits behind "bad" behavior

  • Beware of the big dream

  • Concurrency: keeping both Now and Next happy by stacking tasks

  • Conditions of satisfaction (must include Now being happy)

  • Disappearing costs

  • Discover your imposter

  • Distrust your memory

  • Do you live in survival mode?

  • Ends and means

  • Ensuring followthrough

  • Having day-to-day and long-term sustainability

  • "It was hard" (do you treat this as a badge of honor?)

  • I can relax and be happy when...

  • Keeping the urgent from pushing out the important

  • Fighting (or dancing) with reality

  • Good news: your taste can change (step-by-step)

  • How to manage your unlimited creativity and life opportunities

  • Hunger (developing a taste for)

  • How to have a life of meaning

  • How to make the important urgent

  • It's never too late to re-design you life

  • Making time-based (instead of results-based) promises/plans

  • Mistakes, failing, and losing (a new perspective)

  • More pleasures, more treasures (Nix to "no pain, no gain")

  • Next must enroll or get permission from Now

  • Perils of ticker watching

  • Popular shoddy beliefs

  • Power in knowing you are powerless

  • Procrastinating on happiness

  • Problems easily disappear as you learn to put enjoying the process and lifestyle first

  • Rewarding yourself: a bad idea

  • Safety first (but at what cost and other risks?)

  • Separating internal and external problems

  • Spontaneity and structure: both can win

  • Suffering is comes from resistance to what is

  • Time out of the game

  • Three types of problems (only)

  • Throwing childlike out with the childish bathwater

  • Who is your best friend?

  • Your lynchpin for impeccable followthrough

  • Action tools

  • Choosing A, B, or (the invisible) C

  • Creating a new habit (implementation intention)

  • Designing your life: three levels

  • Do it with music, dance, snacks, breaks...

  • Getting things out of your head

  • Keeping the important in place (when competing with the urgent)

  • Negotiating between Now and Next (the IF approach)

  • Negotiating between Now and Next (the sitting approach)

  • Negotiating between Now and Next (partnership dialogues)

  • Life design; the game of life (from the top>down)

  • Spontaneous ideas: the bonanza that Next is throwing away

  • Undoing "behind on things"

  • Undoing distractions

  • Undoing immaculateness

  • Undoing impatience

  • Undoing shoulds (quickly)

  • Undoing stories

  • Undoing toleration

  • Undoing uncomfortable

  • Unfighting (with reality)

  • Unclassified Now-Next tools

  • Accountability and celebration partner

  • Advance planning and realtime adjustments

  • Adventure

  • Allowing/scheduling Now time and choices

  • Anticipation

  • Asking Now if some discomfort will be okay

  • Assessing vs. judging

  • Avoiding the toxic "maybe"

  • Being patient with yourself

  • Being your own best friend and fan

  • Bringing spontaneity to structure

  • Celebrating failure

  • Change your mood and energy

  • Choosing courage

  • Choosing courage to take care of yourself with others

  • Clarity about the boundaries/agreements between Now and Next

  • Clarity about cost with profit (context)

  • Clarity about what Next wants; clarity about what Now wants

  • Complete or finished?

  • Consider It Done (a protocol to guarantee promises to yourself)

  • Curiosity

  • Curiosity, play, adventure (CAP)

  • Declaring certain Now indulgences off the table

  • Dismantling a belief

  • Doing it with...

  • Doing the difficult first (game it)

  • Doing nothing until Now and Next can agree

  • Drugs

  • Enfolding costs

  • Enjoying the process

  • Environment, environment, environment

  • Fearing the dangerous (fear cf. danger)

  • Creating freedom (the paradox)

  • The function and dysfunction of comparisons

  • Finding a different way(s) for Next to get what he or she wants

  • Future-paced consulting with Now

  • Gamify it

  • Getting Now to stop his or her activity

  • Getting over the Now hump

  • Golden handcuffs (monkey fist cuffs story)

  • Good news: you'll never be caught up (context)

  • How NNI provides the foundation for OOI

  • Just pay time now

  • Judgment or assessment (context)

  • Learning from the cat

  • Learning to enjoy the game/process of delayed gratification

  • Learning to nurture and enjoy hunger

  • Life inspirations (context)

  • Lighten up (context)

  • Living a tight action-thinking feedback loop

  • Listener (having a)

  • Lower your standards

  • Making good decisions (opportunity costs, avoiding one-way streets)

  • Up to something bigger than yourselves (yes...but...)

  • Melding process and results into one

  • Mini-rewards

  • Mirror to soul: being your own best friend and fan

  • Mood and environment may affect Now-Next alignment

  • NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis)

  • Seeing the negative in the positive (context)

  • Next creating a clear and compelling goal/intention

  • Now-Next partnership conversation

  • Now can feel freedom from Next getting clear

  • Nutrition, herbs, and supplements

  • Pleasure in power and the power in pleasure

  • Prudent or stupid promises

  • Quitaverance, the wisdom and courage to quit

  • Recognizing and acting on that your #1 job is to take care of yourself

  • Remembering enjoying the process as priority

  • Removing Now distractions from the environment

  • Self-coaching with a listener

  • Seven ways to Now to be happy

  • Short feedback loop

  • Silly and wacky (being light)

  • Spend money and time of health insurance instead of sickness insurance

  • Step-by-step and showing respect to Now will work wonders for Next (context)

  • Suicide

  • The sitting judge

  • Time accounting

  • Traveling

  • Ultimate internal game (past, future, and other people)

  • Under assuming

  • Undoing confusion (clear future? risk decision? someone disapprove?)

  • Undoing identity

  • Undoing overwhelm

  • Undoing pressure

  • Undoing toleration

  • Unresisting

  • Wear some new glasses

  • What are the facts?

  • Whine list

  • A "yes" is empty without the "how"

  • Zero-based life design

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