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Can you suggest healthier?
After much research, I have settled upon a 99% low-starch, unprocessed vegan diet (almost all green vegetables, fruits, nuts, and beans).
And I am open to improvement. Can you provide me with any evidence that some variation in my diet might be more healthy for me?

Small change in my job description...
My job is to compel people to be both deeply excited about and profoundly in love with the living of their life (if they will let me).

Keeping your promise may be out of integrity...
Integrity occurs when I-next (the part of you that is concerned about your future happiness and well-being) shows full respect and consideration for what I-now wants (the part of you that is concerned about your happiness in the now). When I-next makes and tries to keep promises, while not showing respect and consideration for I-now's wants and needs, then you are out of integrity.

If you are "successful" at self-disciplining yourself, then your I-next (the part of you that is interested in your future being good) has managed to disrespect and disregard what I-now (the part of you that wants to feel good now) wants and needs. You have created an out-of-integrity (a win-lose) within yourself and you have validated that lack of integrity by calling it "self-discipline."

Why people often make the worst choice...
Out of resisting their fear of making the wrong choice, people delay making a choice or they make no choice at all.
This is often the worst choice.

Generally, we think only people in very poor areas are malnourished. However, the large majority in rich countries are also malnourished.
Prehistoric mankind was often malnourished in calories...but, when he was able to get enough calories, the food he ate was so dense in micronutrients (per calorie), he was well-nourished overall.
In contrast, we people in rich countries today are never malnourished in calories (in fact, we mostly get too many of them). But, because the micronutrients per calorie consumed are so sparse, we end up being malnourished in micronutrients.
This is why rich countries are epidemic with the diseases of atherosclerosis (accounting for strokes, heart attaches, and erectile dysfunction), cancer, and diabetes, whereas peoples who eat a largely unprocessed plant-based diet have few of these diseases.
This is why you might want to think of yourself as malnourished.

A broad-spectrum solution to all of your problems...
Change your ethics, change your life.
The Old Ethics tells us to sacrifice now for the future.
The Old Ethics tells us to sacrifice yourself for others.
These are deeply divisional premises that shake the foundations of our world.
Take on the New Ethics:
Insist on finding ways for your now and your future to BOTH win.
Insist on finding ways for your selfishness and the selfishness of others to work together.
How can BOTH win?!
This is the way to create the New Ethics and solve almost all problems in your life.

Two ways to love your job…

1) Think, find, explore, create until you're doing a new job you love
2) Use your intention, curiosity, courage, and creativity to find ways to love the job you are already doing

Since the purpose of life is to be happy and since it is likely that we're going to spend a large portion of our waking life working in a job, it is of the highest priority that we either find a way to love the job we have or find a job that we love.
Short of having enough eat, nothing else is of higher priority until this is accomplished.

An age like no other...
From the introduction of radio, it took 38 years to reach 50 million users in the USA.
From the introduction of TV, it took 13 years to reach 50 million users.
From the introduction of the Internet, it took 4 years to reach 50 million users.
Your future is coming...faster and faster and faster than ever before...

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