Some life failures-1958

Some of the posting (like this one) within "Chronicles of my Crooked Life" did not occur within a specific year of my life. With little justification I chose a random year for posting these.

Couldn’t put the clock back together


We had an old wall clock that did not work (living in Tracy City, Tennessee at age four). I asked my mother if I could take it apart and put it back together. I got it apart okay. I was either unable or not patient enough to get it back together. My mother was impressed that I was able to get it apart.

Disappointed the egg fight didn’t get broadcast


I organized a radio-broadcasted egg-fight (maybe I was 10 years old), using eggs from my grandfather’s farm. My grandfather had to discard some eggs because, when they were candled, a blood-spot was noticed inside the egg. My mother drove me to the field area (with a few other boys and the eggs) where the broadcast was venued. The radio station, for whatever reasons, was not ready and asked to reschedule the egg fight. Because it was such an effort for my mother (and a disappointment for us boys), we didn’t follow through on that.

Never made it very far to China


I started digging a hole to China in our backyard in Flatrock, South Carolina (maybe at twelve years old). I got my sister Karen to help with it. Most of me knew it was impossible, but I wanted to try anyway and, if not to China, at least I could dig an impressive hole. The hole was 3.5 feet in diameter and we dug down to about five feet. When we moved to Shelby, North Carolina, the year I was going into the tenth grade, I had to fill the hole up. That went a lot faster than digging it!

Couldn’t avoid becoming resigned


Noticing my father’s resignation about life when I was twelve years old, I promised myself that I would keep the child’s spirit of play, curiosity, and adventure alive within me. I was not successful in that. And, as my life progressed over the years, my life seemed harder and harder. However, at age 32, I took a weekend “Intensive” lead my Dr. Nathaniel Branden. In a dramatic exercise that he led us through in the workshop, I re-owned my five-year old child inside. From that point, life had a new ease and joy to it.

Barbara never noticed me


I was in love with Barbara McDonald from age twelve. I wanted her to like/love me. I was unwilling to say anything or do anything to express my love for her. I pined for her (seeing her everyday at the school bus stop) until I moved to Shelby, North Carolina. In her case, it seems, “out of sight, out of mind.”