How I stopped procrastinating on asking for her number

Starting a fresh life

It was 1998 and having become newly single, I had recently moved to the Scottsdale Princess Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Asking a stranger an adventure question

I was browsing through a local Ross Dress for Less store, when I decided to approach another patron with one of my standard adventure questions for strangers, “I just moved into the area. Can you tell me which supermarket is better for grocery shopping, Albertsons or Fry’s?”


The most stunning woman I had met in years

She said that she liked Albertsons better. I thanked her and said my goodbyes. Then, minute by minute, I became more and more nervous. This woman was the most attractive women I had met in years. Just SO SO my type. I kept saying to myself, “Go back and get her telephone can’t let an opportunity like this pass without giving it a shot!”


"But what is she rejects me"

But the more I pushed myself the more I pushed back and procrastinated. This continued for ten minutes, with no let up from the pressure from either side of myself. It was obvious why I was resisting, why I was fear of her rejecting be more accurate, because of my resisted fear of her rejecting me.


Making friends with the fear

Suddenly, it occurred to me that I had not taken myself through the “undoing fear​” process. Since I was in a public place and I was not willing to shout it out loud, after taking several deep belly breaths, I spoke under my breath to myself, “Holy cats and jeepers creepers, I am so scared to ask for her for her telephone number!” eleven times.


I got more energy and confidence...action!

Almost surprising myself, even though I was still frightened, the fear was flowing through me and I felt more confident. I immediately started looking around the store to find this woman and ask her for her number...