All tools for making life change are contained within one or more of these six toolkits. The first two toolkits contain tools which address the more fundamental aspects of life. Each toolkit builds upon the integrity created from using the tools in the previous toolkits. The only exception is that the XXI toolkit and the ACI toolkit are relatively independent of each other.

FUF toolkit (Fundamental Facts)

CCC toolkit (Choose Courage Consistently)

NNI toolkit (Now-Next integrity)

OOI toolkit (Oneself-Others integrity)

XXI toolkit (Romance and man-woman integrity)

ACI toolkit (Adult- and parent-child integrity)

Contrasting the toolkits

  • The CCC toolkit: making friends with fear and choosing courage consistently is both the decisive and requisite tool needed to create the life you want, as well as to implement many of the other life tools. Although this tool could be inserted inside any toolkit, it would most naturally fit inside the EEI toolkit.

  • The NNI toolkit: tools to create Now-Next integrity resolve the conflicts that can occur between just wanting to feel good now (and avoid feeling bad now), our Now part, with our desire/intention to create a good future (or avoid a bad one), our Next part.

  • The EEI toolkit: tools to create Express-Emage integrity address the conflicts that can occur between being fully self-expressed, with nothing held back (as if a young child again), the Express part of ourselves, and the desire to look good and to feel a sense of belonging with others, the Emage part of ourselves.

  • The OOI toolkit: tools to create Oneself-Others integrity by settling any of the conflicts that can occur between our desire and need to take care of ourselves, our Oneself part, with our caring for others and wanting to support them and help them out, our Others part.

  • The XXI toolkit: this toolkit is a subset of the OOI toolkit; it addresses more specifically Oneself-Others issues that can arise inside of a romantic and/or man-woman relationship.

  • The ACI toolkit: similarly, this toolkit is a subset of the OOI toolkit, addressing those unique issues or conflicts that can occur in adult-child relationships (usually between parents and children or between teachers and children).

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