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When we resist our fear, we distort any facts. For example, worry (one type of resisted fear), often distorts the likelihood that something will happen and also projects our inability to deal well with the situation, should it arise.


See first: Every problem is two

                Undoing fear

Worry, worry everywhere…


What do we worry about?

     What are they thinking of me?

     Will others disapprove of me?

     Will I be rejected?

     Am I doing it good enough?

     Does my spouse really love me?

     Is my health going to hold up?

     Will I get through this month with enough money?

     Do my colleagues and boss think I’m doing a good job?

     Will my children grow up to hate me?

     Am I going to feel good tomorrow?

     Will my depression ever be over?

     Will I regret my life when I am dying?


The options to worry are endless.


Worry as resisted fear


Worry is not fear. It is resisted fear. Worry attempts to do away with fear, to find some way not to feel fear. Unresisted fear will give you energy and confidence. It will not occur as a problem.


Use undoing fear to undo worry


Take the specific worry and zap it with undoing fear. For instance, “Holy cats and jeepers creepers, I am so scared that John will never speak with me again!” eleven times. If the worry returns, zap it again (and again). Honor yourself for doing this.


Remember: belly breathing, slowly loudly silly speaking, 11 times

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