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"First, I would like to take a moment and appreciate the amount of effort and passion you put into creating your site. I had a chance to briefly look through the website and was impressed by the professional and easy-to-navigate interface, despite the complex inner structure that you have skillfully created. Your works are absolutely gorgeous! I'd love to read some of your stories in the future."

-Jean Laude (November 17, 2020: Wix.com support)

"I just spent 15 minutes on your site. The sheer volume of quality content is just amazing! I spent some time with "problems I no longer have" have and also "1420: the key to it all." Thank you again for doing all this work to make it available to the world. Also, have a happy Thanksgivings there in China."

-John Stob (November 23, 2020: Stob Consulting)

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