Here Is What's Old!

But maybe new to you

Or it's been a while and a fresh look could make a difference.

Glossary: knowing what we mean (reading and understanding my glossary is enough to change your life: important distinctions, with clear contrasts, create a strong foundation to build our life upon)



Toxic Words (your language pollutes your mind and your mind pollutes your language: clean up your language and you'll clean up your mind)

How I finished writing and publishing a 700-page book (if you make Now happy, then Next will get what he or she wants)

Kids and cats: your gurus (maybe we are smarter than kids and cats, but they have more wisdom than we do)

Dwight the Bumblebee

Your Whine List (having fun with complaining, both your own and others)

Silly guy is a believer (let that silly guy out on December 23, 2021)