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Can you predict one minute ahead?

If you say what you are about to say and you knew the likely result that would occur in one minute...

Would you say it?

Many of the things we say to another stimulate rather immediate results, often evident within a minute or less.

Most of the time, if we would take a few seconds to predict those results, we would become aware of what they would likely be and change our mind to create better results.

How will your teenager respond within one minute if you say that?

You're about to ask your teenager, "Have you done your homework yet?" with an attitude of control and threatened blame. 

How likely is it that your teenager is going to react with defensiveness and resentment?

Given this one-minute prediction, imagine if you decided to act differently by deciding that the best course of action would be either to say nothing or to say something like, "I'm curious if it would be helpful to you or not to ask if you've done you're homework?" with a tone of voice that communicated respect and real curiosity. 

Would your likely future with your teenager be significantly improved if you did this?

How will your lover respond within one minute if you say that?

You're about to ask your lover, "Why did you do that?" with an attitude of "you better justify yourself" than real curiosity.

How likely is your lover to respond defensively? Are you going to be contributing to a loving relationship if you say that?

Given this one-minute prediction, imagine you decided to respond differently by letting go of your blaming attitude and putting on the hat of curiosity with a question more like, "When you did that I noticed the machinery of my mind reacting defensiveness with little generosity toward you. I'm sorry about that. If possible, it would be generous of you if you could share some of the thoughts and feelings you were having when you decided to do that? I want to have a deeper insight into the dynamics here." 

Even keeping your mouth shut would likely be better than "Why did you do that?"

How will you respond within one minute if you remain indecisive about that telephone call you've been avoiding?

If you remain indecisive when you know you're just delaying it, you know that in one minute from now (and indefinitely until you decide to do it), you will continue to feel anxious and even self-critical.

You also know that if you clearly decided to make that telephone call now, then within one minute you will feel a sense of power and integrity in having made that decision.

Learn to anticipate and bring to now what is likely to happen just one minute from now if you...

We don't have to be super smart or prediction experts to learn to anticipate what will happen just one minute from now in choosing this or that. This one practice can give your life a refreshing make over.

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