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Anatomy of Integrity


What integrity is not

Common, non-technical interpretations of integrity encompass concepts like truthfulness, honoring one's commitments both to oneself and others, and typically expand to encompass fulfilling societal expectations regarding one's duties and responsibilities.

These concepts, when exhibited in specific situations, could either align with the principles of fundamental integrity...or they might not. The necessity to include the "or not" arises from the fact that, depending on the situation, honesty might not uphold your integrity, adhering to your commitments to yourself or others might not uphold your integrity, and fulfilling your duties or obligations could even undermine, rather than support, your most fundamental integrity.


For a case in point, to understand why truthfulness isn't always synonymous with integrity, check out Lying for the greater good.

What integrity is

Every individual possesses the capacity to face inner dilemmas, situations where two or more aspects within them clash, instead of synergistically aligning. At their core, all such discrepancies, or breaches of integrity, can be boiled down to clashes between two or more of four fundamental parts of ourselves, each of which can further be subdivided into two distinct sub-parts.

Introducing the quadruplets (and even octuplets) inside of you

Declared combatants

Although conflicts can occur between any two parts, the declared combatants are most often these:

  • Now against Next

    • Frightened against Fearless​

    • Pleasure against Plan

  • Oneself against Others

    • Selfish against Service​

    • Express against Emage

Fundamental integrities

And the important fundamental integrities are these:

The Anatomy of Integrity chart

Now you can look freshly at the Anatomy of Integrity chart.


Fundamentals of AskDwightHow

The structure, core focus, purpose, and applicability of AskDwightHow are all geared towards aiding in the establishment and preservation of these fundamental integrities. This is to ensure that you thoroughly enjoy the journey of your life, both in the present and for your future, and for your own benefit as well as for the benefit of the people you care about.

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