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The 14:24 Guest House

(Mi Casa Su Casa)

This is no regular website

The idea of a "website" cannot begin to capture the grandeur and possibilities of this website for its guests. That is why we will call it "The 14:24 Guest House." 

Over 1250 rooms and growing...

Unlike most guest houses, it's free, although we do accept donations. Our Guest House currently has over 1250 rooms (as of January, 2024) but it's always under construction, often with a new and different room added each day.

You'll never get bored...there is always more to discover...

You've heard of guest houses that charge by the hour. We're not like them. First of all, we don't charge, it's free. Secondly, our standard check-in/check-out duration is 14 minutes and 24 seconds, although you're welcome to stay as along as you like. And you're encouraged to enjoy as many of our rooms as you may have interest in, skipping from room to room to see what treasures you may find.

The entrance to every room is the same as every other (otherwise know as the page header). You'll find several handy doors to other rooms there, like What's New, Subscribe for free, and the Daily Quote. But there's also an optional count-down timer that will give you a friendly pop-up reminder that you've visited for 14 minutes and 24 seconds. Of course, you can remain as long as you like. Many guests, however, like to have this gentle reminder (just push "Start Timer").

Why 14:24?

Visiting the rooms in our Guest House provides the chance to have some deep-learning adventures. However, over doing it can be possible. You need to look forward to each new day's deep-learning break. The reason our Guest House is called "The 14:24 Guest House" is that 14 minutes and 24 seconds is exactly 1% of 24 hours, that's just 1% of your day. Not too little, but not too much time to spend each day exploring how to create new foundational levels of integrity. Coming back to visit us daily for 14 minutes and 24 seconds builds up the foundation of your life in the sense of "a rising tide lifts all ships" or the increasing the integrity of your life makes everything go better, almost without effort. Here's the door to the room Does your foundation keep collapsing?

Here are the doors to two other rooms that will engage you fully in the 14:24 idea: 14:24 - The Key to Your life and "The 14:24 Club."

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