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This is an important 1% of AskDwightHow

Ninety-nine percent of AskDwightHow focuses on ways-of-thinking methods to integrate and strengthen the foundation of your mind. Nutrition, Fitness, Sleep, however, addresses another essential foundation of your life: your body. Your mind and body, to the extent that they can be distinguished, are intricately connected and mutually dependent upon each other.

Who am I most informed by regarding nutrition, fitness, and sleep? How do I know what I say I know?

As an AskDwightHow user, you can often quickly understand and test ways-of-thinking methods to assess their applicability for creating and maintaining a great life. In contrast, the issues of what is the best nutrition, what is the best exercise (for general health), and even how to get the most refreshing sleep cannot be so easily tested by each one of us . This is especially true for the area of nutrition. For these areas I have relied mostly on scientific studies (inductive methods) and good logic (deductive methods) to assess how to optimize these three areas. And, of course, as best I can, I self-test as much as possible, as should you.


It's often hard to know which nutritional/exercise/sleep things that I'm doing (out of hundreds that are routinely apart of my everyday life) that contribute to having a great body (and mind). But I must be doing something right. I am the healthiest person of my age that I personally know about.

I started focusing on these areas (especially nutrition) about a half century ago (measured from January, 2021). Along the way I've studied and tried many ideas and approaches. I was often confused about whether-this-is-better or that-is-better. Most of that confusion has cleared up. Although I am always open to discovering how I might be wrong about something in any of these areas, I am prepared to back up anything I claim with evidence.

Information sources that I give serious consideration to




Action for nutrition

Action for exercise (and other health methodologies)

Action for sleep

Other health actions

  • Un-washing

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