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Nutrition, Fitness, Sleep toolkit

This is an important 1% of the suite in this Guest House

Ninety-nine percent of AskDwightHow concentrates on approaches and methods to integrate and fortify your mind's foundation. Yet, aspects like Nutrition, Fitness, and Sleep tackle another vital foundation: your body. Your mind and body, while distinct to some degree, are intricately linked, each heavily influencing the other.

Who am I most informed by regarding nutrition, fitness, and sleep? How do I know what I say I know?

As a user of AskDwightHow, you can often swiftly grasp and evaluate various methods of thinking to determine their relevance for building and sustaining an exceptional life. However, determining the best nutrition, ideal exercise (for general health), and methods for optimal sleep cannot be as easily assessed by each individual. This is particularly true for nutrition. For these domains, I have primarily depended on scientific studies (inductive methods) and sound logic (deductive methods) to discern how to enhance these three areas. And, naturally, I conduct as much self-testing as possible, as should you.


It's often hard to know which nutritional/exercise/sleep things that I'm doing (out of hundreds that are routinely apart of my everyday life) that contribute to having a great body (and mind). But I must be doing something right. I am the healthiest person of my age that I personally know about.

I started focusing on these areas (especially nutrition) about a half century ago (measured from January, 2021). Along the way I've studied and tried many ideas and approaches. I was often confused about whether-this-is-better or that-is-better. Most of that confusion has cleared up. Although I am always open to discovering how I might be wrong about something in any of these areas, I am prepared to back up anything I claim with evidence.

Fit is not healthy

Although fitness can be an important contributor to health, it's important to understand that being fit does not necessarily mean healthy. See Fit is not healthy.

Information sources that I give serious consideration to

Nutrition information sources

Fitness information sources

Sleep information sources

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