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Quizzing for Life and Fun

Knowing how to love the living of our lives does not come "easy"

If it did, there would be no need for parents, teachers, leaders, philosophers, religion, psychologists, or life coaches. We'd all just "naturally" know the best beliefs to believe, how to always have a great attitude, and our choices would be flawless. Last time I looked, that was not happening.

Two types of problems (and I know how you can solve the first type)

The first type are problems that cause suffering (internal problems). AskDwightHow is your learning source that allows you, step by step, to become a master at preventing and solving these problems. 

The second type are problems that don't, in and of themselves, cause suffering (external problems). Learning how to ride a bicycle. Getting a raise at work. Inventing a new mode of transportation. Uncovering a new scientific principle in sociology. We will always have these problems. We may or may not solve a particular one that we're interested in. And, no matter how many of these problems we solve, there will always be more.

In addressing any problem, we need to create clarity about which type it is. Often the two types are associated and we think we just have one problem instead of two. Consequently, we neglect the internal problem, just thinking we need to solve the external problem. This misdirection makes it more difficult to solve either of the problems. Handle the internal problem first. After that, if the external problem still exists, it will occur more as a great opportunity than a problem. 

AskDwightHow is all about you becoming a master at creating a new "foundation" of your life so that the internal problems (the ones you have been suffering with) either never occur to start with or disappear almost of their own accord. Or on occasion, if a few of them still occur, you have the tools in your toolbox to address them quickly and effectively.

To get where you want to go, you need to know where you are now

Maybe you're one of those few people who've mastered life. If you are, AskDwightHow may be interesting, but not potentially transformative. Here's a fun, easy way to tell. Below are four quizzes. It won't take long to answer the questions of each one and get your score. If your score is much less than 100% on any of the quizzes, you know how much more is available for you through AskDwightHow.

Your Courage EQ

How often and easily do you choose courage? This is a fundamental factor in loving the living of your life. This quiz will give you a rough score after answering ten questions. Or you can go for a more accurate score by answering 25 questions. To get the most precise score, answer fifty questions. They're all fun questions.  

Take the Courage EQ quiz.

Your Now-Next Integrity EQ

How often do you indulge in feeling good now at the expense of your future and maybe feeling guilty for doing that? How often do you tolerate what you have to do in order to have a better future? Answering twenty-five questions gives you an accurate assessment of your current NNI EQ integrity, measuring how easily you're able to enjoy now and take care of your future, without conflicts.

Take the Now-Next Integrity EQ quiz.

Your Oneself-Others Integrity EQ

How often do you ignore or resist what others need or want in order to do what you want? How often to you sacrifice yourself or your self expression in some way so that you can take care of others or look good to them? Answering twenty-five questions gives you an accurate assessment of your current OOI EQ integrity, measuring how easily you're able to enjoy taking care of yourself and taking care of others, without conflicts.

Take the Oneself-Others Integrity EQ quiz.

Your Life EQ

Your Courage EQ, Now-Next integrity EQ, and Oneself-Others integrity EQ will provide you will a refined assessment of where you currently are in each of these three fundamentally important life areas. However, you can take the twenty-five-question Life EQ quiz and get an overall assessment of how much more opportunity for growth and excitement lies ahead.

Take the Life EQ quiz.

Jump in! (and share your scores with Dwight, if you like)

Courage is the most important of all the virtues

because without courage,

you can't practice any other virtue consistently.

― Maya Angelou

What's your Courage EQ and what does it mean?

Have fun taking this Courage EQ test

  • Answer just 10 questions to get a quick score (or click "continue" to answer 15 more questions).

  • Answer 25 questions to get a more accurate score (or click "continue" to answer 25 more questions).

  • Answer 50 questions for your gold-standard Courage EQ score and evaluation.






Check out your current Now-Next integrity EQ

Check out your current Oneself-Others integrity EQ:

Quiz: what is your Life EQ?

What does my Life EQ score mean?

This test is the quickest way to measure of how much better your life could be. It also tells you how much value you could get from using this site regularly toward creating that life (see 14.24: The Key to you Life). Note: take the following interpretations lightly and create your own assessment of their relevance.


The main value of this site for you is to fine-tune (and learning different perspectives) of what you already know about living a great life. If you are a counselor, life or business coach, manager, teacher, or other similar profession, by exploring this site, you will better serve those who learn from you.


Since you already know and practice the value of personal growth and development, AskDwightHow provides you with an easy, reliable way to put that special "icing on the cake." Dig in!


Although in the game of life, the master always knows there's more to have fun learning, you're an advanced journeyman. You'll enjoy learning some new juicy stuff in AskDwightHow.


Life's not bad. But you still get tripped up by a number of recurring issues. They could be in the areas of worry, stress, procrastination, getting distracted, and having too much on your plate. Or you may have noticed patterns in your relationships with others that leave much to be desired.


Although you may not realize it, you're doing better than most people. Most of us are pretty good at "looking good for others" or even avoiding self-awareness of our recurring life issues. AskDwightHow is going to be a boon for you. If you ensure that you do 14:24 most days (see 14.24: The Key to your Life and Kickstarting a Mental Habit), step-by-step you'll become amazed at how much easier and better your life will become.


I'm so happy you found AskDwightHow. I'd love to be your partner (through this site) to support you with the insights you need to turn your life around (see Are you Going in the Wrong Direction?). I designed this site to provide you that support from just the place you find yourself in life right now. You're in the perfect place to start. Remember, it's all step by step. 


The lower the percentage of your score, the more this site has to offer you. However, because of your lower score, you may have to work yourself through a catch-22. This site can work wonders for you, but not overnight. And you may easily get discouraged if things don't appear to be working right away. A central focus of AskDwightHow is learning how to enjoy the process of whatever your doing, regardless of whether you get results right away. If needed, you might consider Under promising regarding the time you spend each day on this site. And make sure you use Kickstarting a Mental Habit to support you. Also focus on having fun with this site. Don't be so "serious" about it, okay?!


Read the recommendations for 31-40%. The same would apply for you. And you might need to focus more on creating self-compassion for yourself, regardless of your ups and downs, starts and stops. Also, ensure that you have some structures in place (external to your own memory) to bring you back to AskDwightHow, even when you may drop it out for a while.


For you (and actually for everyone), if you have any questions or difficulties in negotiating or understanding my site, send me a message. You'll find an easy feedback form at the bottom of every link. Or you can always email me at


You have the most to gain and change of anyone. Somehow you've kept going until now. That's amazing. It can only get easier. Step by step. Keep yourself in the game of using AskDwightHow. Ask assistance of others in the process, if you can.

Taking advantage of the opportunities

To strengthen your courage muscles, go to the CCC toolkit.

To strengthen your Now-Next integrity, go to the NNI toolkit.

To strengthen your Oneself-Others integrity, go to the OOI toolkit.

Or just jump around in this site exploring whatever looks interesting next. You keep doing that, you'll get there. Check out 14.24: The Key to Your Life.

Courage EQ
Life EQ
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