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 What’s it like to live outside

the House of Good and Bad?

Outside the HOGAB you'll enjoy a cornucopia of blessings

  • Being your own best friend. Creating and maintaining a win-win environment within yourself for both Now and Next. Complete with your past. Loving now. Loving your future. Loving it all. Wow! Amazing life! Living into a compelling future.


  • Enjoying great relationships with others, with deep feelings of connection. Feeling compassion and understanding for others. Creating and maintaining an environment within yourself where your Oneself (the part of you whose job is to take care of yourself and be fully self-expressed) and your Others (the part of you whose interest is to care of others and look good to others) are both on the same page and they experience no conflict with each other.


  • Life is free. Life is adventure. Life is play. Life is connection. Life is curiosity. Life is peace and serenity. You are consistently knowing and feeling yourself, others, and the world as being in a dance with perfection.

And you'll look back and realize you've said goodbye to...

  • feeling that life is hard or difficult

  • feeling that life or others are unfair

  • feeling that "you've got to be careful in life"

  • feeling that life is meaningless

  • feeling bored in life

  • feeling taken advantage of or betrayed

  • resenting others

  • feeling that you have to sacrifice now for your future

  • feeling that you have to sacrifice yourself for others

  • feeling defensive

  • resenting others or blaming them

  • feeling guilty

  • feeling regret or remorse

  • feeling grief

  • feeling you don't have enough time

  • feeling you don't have enough money

  • feeling there are too many things to do

  • feeling obligated to others

  • waiting to get through something

  • avoiding making plans and promises

  • not being able to consistently keep promises to yourself

  • over promising to yourself or others

  • procrastination

  • avoiding exercise and eating healthfully

  • short-changing yourself on getting enough sleep

  • feeling discouraged

  • feeling frustrated

  • feeling bad when you fail

  • feeling bad when you decide to quit

  • feeling you have to prove something

  • feeling you're not good enough

  • feeling you're not smart enough

  • feeling unloved by others

  • feeling cheated by others

  • feeling disappointed in others

  • feeling disrespected by others

  • worry

  • depression

  • feeling pressured

  • feeling overwhelmed

  • stress

  • feeling that you "have to" do something

  • perfectionism

  • indecisiveness

  • feeling like you should do better

  • feeling like you should try harder

  • thinking that you're lazy

  • difficulty in making requests when you'd like something from someone

  • difficulty in saying "no" when you need to say "no"

  • unwillingness or inability to enjoy being silly

  • feeling like you can't find "the one"

  • feeling dominated by an addiction

  • fear of death

  • not willing to choose courage to remove some of your mask

  • being dominated by wanting to look good to others

  • unwillingness to consistently choose courage

  • lack of persistence

  • trying to dominate others

  • feeling dominated by others

  • not listening easily and deeply to others

  • not being comfortable with feeling powerless when you are

  • comparing yourself unfavorably to others

  • toxic jealousy

  • envy

  • the habit of prioritizing feeling safe over living a great life

  • the habit of prioritizing getting results over enjoying the process

  • the habit of putting others' needs and wants ahead of your own

  • the feeling of not being fully self-expressed

  • being so serious about yourself and life

  • the feeling of waiting for real life to start

"Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children,

you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."


"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about."


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