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Where is my language?

New translation services makes visiting the suites in this Guest House as easy as ABC


Podemos hablar español.

Chúng ta thậm chí có thể nói tiếng Việt.

Although you may know of other options you prefer, here is what I know works, especially for Chinese who cannot access Google services without a VPN.

The translation app is called Immersive Translate. It is an extension that you can add for free on Microsoft's Edge browser. It may work on other would have to check.

After installing the app on the browser that you will be using to visit this Guest House and doing a quick registration with the app, you can find the Settings page for Immersive Translate this way:















Here's what the Settings page looks like:

Customize it for you

You can select which translation service you want Immersive Translate to use. Chinese will have to avoid using Google.


After selecting your translation service, you then select your target language: the language that you prefer to read. In this example, it is set to Vietnamese.

As far as I can tell, for casual use, this service is free. 

Immersive Translate in action

So simple: just click the "A" icon on the right side on the page. The translation will show the English original with the translation afterwards. Here's are two examples, one with Vietnamese and the other with Chinese.

That's it!

If you want to revert to the English original, click the "A" icon again.

Screenshot 2024-03-18 100320.png
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