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This is me pretending to be a woman in Shanghai. The ECNU student next to me thinks I am a woman.

Off the Beaten Path

Chronicles of my Crooked Life

Off the Beaten Path

Unlike the rest of AskDwightHow (except for Fun stuff only), this link may only serve you as a break from all the other "serious" stuff this site is about. The other links focus on ways and tools to remove the difficulties and suffering from your life and to step into the life you love the living of.


Chronicles of my Crooked Life

This link and its sub-links are vignettes of my life that are excerpted from a private journal I keep (mostly) for myself.

Chronicles? Crooked life?

By any other name, "Chronicles of my Crooked Life" is an unpublished, uncensored autobiography. But I like dates and I like time (I’ve got at least one clock in every room of my home, save the closets). To the limits and accuracy of my memory and whatever records I’ve kept, this account of my life is organized by year (and sometimes month and day). 

Voila! “The Chronicles”


Most would not consider me a crook, although you may learn about my adventures as a tax rebel with the IRS starting in 1969...or my two evenings of tripping out on marijuana before it was legalized (in some places). Notwithstanding, I have never been arrested nor spent a minute in jail.

But my life has not been straight. Wherever I have ended up, whatever I have accomplished, whoever I’ve been in a relationship with, whatever I have become, has unfolded down a crooked, rather unpredictable path, which began in earnest when I took a virginity-destroying (mine own) sabbatical in 1964 after my first two years of college. 

Voila! “My Crooked Life.”

And you might be surprised...

Aside from possible entertainment, these vignettes may provide you with some "practical" benefit just out of knowing how I became who I am and how my ideas became what they are.

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