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Distinguishing the Old Ethics of Sacrifice

from the New Ethics of Integrity

Essential ethical distinctions as expressed in the world

Ethical systems are rarely expressed by any one person or group of adherents fully and consistently. To the extent that a group of people more consistently expresses themselves congruently within the essentialized Old Ethics of Sacrifice, those people will incur increasing suffering and dysfunction, ultimately limiting how "purely" they can express themselves as "really good people."

The hodgepodge of ethics

Consequently, the ethical meme set as expressed through any identifiable person or group of people is likely to be some hodgepodge, inconsistent mixture of the Old Ethics of Sacrifice and the New Ethics of Integrity

To the extent that it predominates toward the Old Ethics as a total mixture, suffering will increase. To the extent that it contains major consistent elements of the New Ethics as a mixture, happiness, peace, self-expression, goodwill, and cooperation will result.

The topics below are divided into five rough groups:

  • Ones that address the issue of ethics as a whole

  • Ones that focus equally on distinguishing and explicating the Ethics of Sacrifice and the Ethics of Integrity

  • Ones that converge more heavily on understanding the Ethics of Sacrifice

  • Ones that spotlight more clearly the Ethics of Integrity 


The Ethics of Sacrifice and the Ethics of Integrity

The Ethics of Sacrifice

The Ethics of Integrity

Anatomy of Integrity

Happy as 1800? The New Ethics-video


New Ethics of Integrity

The two hands

Becoming aware of the HOGAB and learning to do without it

Undoing shoulds: victimhood

Undoing shoulds: selfishness

Undoing shoulds: assessment and righteousness

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