Books That Have Made Me

My notes to you from my Kindle

Although I loved paper-and-ink books all my life, I now love Kindle books more. One of the many advantages I get from reading on my Kindle (I've got a Kindle Oasis) is that, while I am reading, I can easily select and save salient sentences or paragraphs into a document on my computer. Later, if needed, I easily and quickly give myself a refresher course of what I thought important in reading the book.


Sharing these clippings with you


Also, I can share these clippings with you. Yes, you could read the entire book like I did. And you might decide to after perusing the parts that I thought especially juicy or valuable.


This link will be updated with new book notes from time to time. 

You also might want to check out my book recommendations on Amazon. And the book titles further down on the page in Acknowledgements.

My eclectic life (and mind)

When I was fourteen years old, I decided to put together my "philosophy of life" eclectically. I would explore many different thoughts, belief systems, perspectives, and life arguments somewhat regardless of whether I thought they might align strongly with what I already believed. Thinking for myself, as my mother had taught me to do from age five (or earlier), I would adopt (at least provisionally) new ideas and approaches as they seemed to fit and make sense and let go of the rest. I would also question in what circumstances the ideas may apply and may not apply.

A few of the continual flow of books that have and are making me (click each to see the notes)

The Code of the Extraordinary Mind: 10 Unconventional Laws to Redefine Your Life and Succeed on Your Own Terms

-Vishen Lakhiani (I read this in December of 2017)