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The 14:24 Guest House

"Look,'re a freaking master..... your content deserves a great delivery..... if I were you I would spend $200,000 on your website and hosting for the next 25 years so that Generations will beyond your life will enjoy appreciate and grow from your my mind this is part of your big Legacy."

—Bruce Winkler (April 21, 2024) [entrepreneur, Madison, Wisconsin]


"I learned that keeping an open mind and not to blame or judge when having a conversation with someone about something that is awkward. I also like that you use a great deal of play in your suggestions. This is something that hold a tight jaw for me as I get very nerviest and do not say anything at all or what I do say can put others in a defensive state and not much gets resolved. keep bring more elephants my way!" (How to talk about the elephant)

—Jim Lockhart (April 16, 2024) [rental properties manager]

"This concept of Sacrifice had not been sitting well with me and growing. Art the ashram where I help out all the ladies are expected to wear sarees... In this heat. I complimented them saying I don't know how they manage... Only to get "is a worthy sacrifice they make..." But then they are perspiring in the hot kitchen and half asleep during discourses because they're getting so hot. It's more important for me to be comfortable and concentrate on the teachings than feel lethargic. Although I'm still dressed respectfully, I am judged and reminded to wear a saree. I'd like to ask them if is it important to look good or be alert and inspired for the lessons? I go to learn not to stress the part." (Old Ethics of Sacrifice)

—Chantaul Jordan (April 1, 2022) [self-development workshop leader, living in Johannesburg, South Africa]

"Dwight Goldwinde always opens my eyes to the not so obvious. One day he said to me, do you know that humans are the only creatures who fall into a trap of "NEXT" is more important that enjoying the "NOW"? We humans do that!

"I'm working hard now to enjoy my retirement"

"I'll do that when I have more leisure time"

"I'm focused on accomplishing this for my future"

"I can't really enjoy the moments with friends because my head is always full of my to-do list for the week"

Dwight suggested that I make a list of all of the things I would do now, at my current age and health, if there were no time/money restrictions. The results were amazing! There were 18 items on my list. Then what happened was...I realized that if I changed my limited way of thinking that there wasn't time to do my "NEXT" items now, that by simply rearranging my calendar, saying no to a few things and scheduling many of those 18 items into my calendar now, I could enjoy most of my "dream life" now!

Give it a whirl and see if you love it like I did! If you want to enjoy more of Dwight's wisdom, go to He's a gem!

—Barbara James (June 29, 2021) [entrepreneur, living in Arizona, USA) - posted on Facebook

"I’m actually getting a lot out of “now and next” and the “doer and planner”. The thought of taking care of all of their needs is non-violent in life-affirming and distinct. Simple, subtle, powerful distinctions! Thank you!" in response to Borrowing from the Future: a Toxic Habit.

—Tove Hansen (January 5, 2022) [80-year-old philanthropist, living in Denmark and Arizona, USA]

"Thank you for this one Dwight (Now Damages)! It helped me reaffirm that I am making great head way in my Now-Next journey. I jokingly said the other day to you in a reply that I am a Now-Next ninja, but I really am starting to feel like that. I am enjoying the process of generating this symbiotic relationship within my self and how it is benefiting my daily and future life. "

—Ryan Kuck (March 14, 2021) [37-year-old service man, living in Nevada]

"This afternoon, I had a call talk with Mum for one hour or so. I remembered the page of “Have good conversation with anyone." Why didn’t I try it now with my Mom to develop a great relationship with her who loved me so deeply and had done so much for her daughter? With this thought in mind, I decided to talk to Mom more frequently. My Mom is a great woman. Now she is struggling with the fear and desperation of losing both my father and her both eyesight. I prey our conversation could bring her more courage and comfort to live the rest of her life in a peaceful way. I love my Mom."

—Maria Hu (March 14, 2021) [48-year-old Chinese office worker, living in Mianyang, Sichuan, China]

"Spent the time today looking at Now-Next continuing battle Very PROFOUND stuff It is a firmly entrenched "way of being" (human behavior) Just like the Japanese cannot pronounce R and L because they can't hear the difference. Until you "hear" and embrace Dwight's PROFOUND explanation and understand the difference, you can't do anything about it."

—Mike Akagi (March 8, 2021) [70-year-old entrepreneur, living in Hawaii, USA]

"Great stuff!!! Thank you. When I was 45 years old I made my own declaration that “I was Peter Pan and that I would not participate in the decline of aging.” Thank you for your help in my quest and for your congruency in our mutual quest to live lengthy vital lives! Aloha Dwight Totally enjoyed this jaunt in your awesome 'doable' 99 year quest!"

—Mike Akagi (February 26, 2021) [70-year-old entrepreneur, living in Hawaii, USA]

"Wow! You sure have some great acting skills, Dwight. Thank you for sharing this."

—Chantaul Jordan (March 2, 2021) [coach and life enhancement trainer, living in Johannesburg, South Africa]

"Okay Dwight! Good morning. Here is feedback from the quizzes. I am pretty stoked.  Initial 64 for 61-70 that made quite a jump from when I did this in January. The other three went from 40's 50's to 67% average between the three. All in all I am quite pleased with the progress. I am very happy with the progress and am enjoying experiencing a courageous benefit of putting lifestyle first.

—Ryan Kuck (February 26, 2021) [37-year-old service man, living in Nevada]

"Great message.. I will freshen up my mouth, and enjoy the process!" 

—Allan Silva (February 26, 2021) [educator of teachers, living in Hawaii, USA]

"Watched several videos and decided that you can't improve your score on quizzes by trying harder.... interesting."

—Mike Akagi (February 26, 2021) [70-year-old entrepreneur, living in Hawaii, USA]

"I liked this one a lot. When I stopped to really think about it it is really quite simple, and I found that I was being defensive at times without really even realizing it! Thank you."

—Ryan Kuck (February 23, 2021) [37-year-old service man, living in Nevada]

"You do a very good job to help a lot of Chinese people. I really appreciate you very much. You're just like a bridge to connect China and your country. You bring us friendship, you bring us civilization, you bring us a new fresh air. You are like the angels of the gods. You are like the angels, yes."

—Jacky Zhang (February 20, 2021) [40-year-old Chinese tour guide, living in Kunming, China]

"When I first saw and heard: taking care self as a #1 priority! My first thought was, that is being selfish. But I have now come to the realization, that if you not take yourself first, how can you even attempt to take care of others. Yes, that can lead to Win-Win!" (Conditions for great relationships)

—Allan Silva (February 19, 2021) [educator of teachers, living in Hawaii, USA]

"Well I found the best sex position article and sent it off to my boyfriend. We are going to give that a go soon....thanks for the recommendation!"

—Anonymous (February 17, 2021) [41-year-old USA woman]

"Wow, what a clear prospective on the concept of being over protected with self and others."

—Allan Silva (February 13, 2021) [educator of teachers, living in Hawaii, USA]

"Hi Dwight, I click and click all over your pages and I still can't find that amazing story about what people really regret they didn't do ? I wanted to read it again. I am so impressed by your website."

—Tove Hansen (February 10, 2021) [79-year-old philanthropist, living in Denmark and Arizona, USA]

"So spent time today in 100% Responsible 1 and 2 and "Your Number 1 Priority" and learned a lot about SelfCaring both my own and other's. Starting to ask myself everyday if I am taking care of myself... also like the Quote of the day and Question of the day.... and will address "kindness" from a whole new perspective. Awesome!!! Thank you."

—Mike Akagi (February 10, 2021) [70-year-old entrepreneur, living in Hawaii, USA]

"I love the concept that anything worth doing is worth doing badly as a way to get over the fear and just do even if at first badly. Great Concept. We are always hung up on doing well what should be done vs recognition of value of doing badly first as the effort. Thank you."

—Frank Jorgensen (February 10, 2021) [69-year-old business investor, living in West Virginia, USA]

"You are so clear on this subject (why are you in your body) and I appreciate the clarity. Not what you expect at first but as you listen, read and digest cannot object. Well done, and Thank you and challenge others to study."

—Frank Jorgensen (February 10, 2021) [69-year-old business investor, living in West Virginia, USA]

"Hey Dwight! It's interesting because yesterday I created my day as 'Joy, Peace, Power, Romance and Adventure'! I just saw this page about peace and power and it is very useful and timely. Thank you!"

—Phil Blackmon (February 9, 2021) [64-year-old American on permanent holiday in Medellín, Columbia]

"The page of undoing shoulds introduction is pretty long. But it is fantastic and arouses a lot of my curiosity together with some mess mentally.Haha. Now I know that it is not only I who was stuck by so many controversial things, so many other people including some great minds that were also conflused by this mysterious world."

—Maria Hu (February 4, 2021) [48-year-old Chinese office worker, living in Mianyang, Sichuan, China]

"Under promising and over delivering is something that I have worked on my whole life... recognizing the Now/Next paradigm and trying to balance the two out has really helped me get a "grip on reality" ... meaning that buffers make sense and allow you to not just under promise and over deliver, but actually get things done and access what time it takes to do the things you promise. Thanks."

—Mike Akagi (February 5, 2021) [70-year-old entrepreneur, living in Hawaii, USA]

"Video on fairness, First of all, your short videos are very well done. Having them are a plus, This one is as good as it gets. Thanks"

—Frank Jorgensen (February 5, 2021) [69-year-old business investor, living in West Virginia, USA]

"Great topic on Pressure.. The awareness and insight on pressure was excellent.. We have the choice to remember that our mindset will determine how we handle so called pressure.. Yes, take a breath.

—Allan Silva (February 5, 2021) [educator of teachers, living in Hawaii, USA]

"It was really good for me to see the word 'selfcare' instead of 'selfishness.' Congratulations on Dwight’s groundbreaking work for today. In fact, I somehow get to know the meaning when you mention 'selfishness,' however I always sub-consciously reject the word and feel guilty of having that thought to be 'selfishness.'"

—Maria Hu (February 4, 2021) [48-year-old Chinese office worker, living in Mianyang, Sichuan, China]

"Thanks for demonstrating vulnerability/flexibility in your piece on moving from 'selfishness' to 'self care.'"

—Martin Kettelhut (February 4, 2021) [life coach, living in Colorado, USA]

"I like this term 'SelfCaring.' I think this is perfect for what you mean it for. Nicely done."

—Megan Errgong-Weider [41-year-old music teacher, living in Massachusetts, USA]

"Wow, your message on '100% responsible' could not have come at a better time! It woke me up to get out of the blaming mind set, and into the Responsible thinking mindset. Thank you for the wake-up call."

—Allan Silva (February 4, 2021) [educator of teachers, living in Hawaii, USA]

"I have felt guilty all of my life about lots and lots of things. It has ruled my life and caused countless years and years of suffering and blaming others as well. Miserable way to live!!! It is so good to finally be able to "start" getting it out of my life along with all the DUFEAR that accompanies it!!!! Arigato!"

—Mike Akagi (February 4, 2021) [70-year-old entrepreneur, living in Hawaii, USA]

"That is funny this happened to hit today. I was talking with Tamme yesterday and she had a hard time with me using selfish.  I explained to her that it was about talking care of oneself and not running over others to get what one wants. I like the new term SelfCare."

—Jim Lockhart (February 3, 2021) [56-year-old rental property management, living in Wyoming, USA]

"Your summary of Bryon Katie your business, my business, God's business is very well done. Your comments on how you coach others was very clear. I especially liked your discussion about debating or giving your view with permission of other."

—Frank Jorgensen (January 18, 2021) [69-year-old business investor, living in West Virginia, USA]

"Aloha Dwight, The wisdom that you share expands everyone’s awareness that turns on a GPS to live/experience a better life Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually!"

—Allan Silva (January 31, 2021) [educator of teachers, living in Hawaii, USA]

"This morning I watched the video on the science of ethics. I read why god put me in body & mind. And I read about undoing guilt. I'm grateful for the teachings."

—Martin Kettelhut (January 31, 2021) [life coach, living in Colorado, USA]

"I think this is one of your major distinctions. A really great contribution to the world." (referring to the distinction of prioritizing enjoying-the-process over any particular result)

—Dan Haygeman (January 30, 2021) [71-year-old executive business coach, living in Washington state, USA]


"Spent time today in Maybe-Maybe Land I think I grew up in that time to move on..."  (

—Mike Akagi (January 27, 2021) [70-year-old entrepreneur, living in Hawaii, USA]

"The information you shared on Fear was excellent! I thought of an acronym for fear:

F antastic

E nergy

A lways

R eady"

—Allan Silva (January 27, 2021) [educator of teachers, living in Hawaii, USA]

"So glad I began newly today! The surprise link for sleep is very helpful, as was the section on screaming and EnChanting! I'll try that tomorrow! Thank you!

"Oh! Also - I took the opportunity to drink water during my 14:24!  I'm committed to Being A Great Water Drinker!  My cat enjoyed the time as well, sitting next to me, sharing energy and kitty massage. 😺

"One more inspiration for right this sec - your schedule of starting a brand new day after your midday nap is so helpful! Perfect creation! I've been dancing with how to fit it all in, enjoying the whole process - and - this practice really fits for me! 🙏💙"

—Carla Davis (January 27, 2021) [64-year old minister, living in Utah, USA]

"Quote of day on listening: Dwight is a great listener, very intensive. BUT, and this important, he knows when to interrupt with a question or comment so that the other person gets to the real point where Dwight can then be of greater help."

—Frank Jorgensen (January 21, 2021) [business investor, living in West Virginia, USA]

"It's growing daily on me."

—Julio Abreu (January 21, 2021) [Boeing manager, living in South Carolina, USA]

"Wow, you have a very unique approach to changing peoples lives for the better. Dwight, I spent my 14+ reviewing information on fear, nutrition, and workouts! Mahalo, Allan"

—Allan Silva (January 21, 2021) [educator of teachers, living in Hawaii, USA]

"Learning about HOGAB! Probably the most impactful section so far...🤔" (see Undoing shoulds: Introduction)

—Michael Saperton (January 20, 2021) [inventor and entrepreneur, living in Arizona, USA]

"Amy and Oli sum up the story of self respect rather well. I have heard analogies in the topic but this one was exceptional." (see Consistency with your yeses and noes with kids)

—Nick Kogiones (January 18, 2021) [sales and marketing, living in Indiana, USA]

"I watched the Choose the Victim video. Very good! I voted of the viewer of this video as the victim. Kidding! Hard to watch people doing the victim routine!"

—Lee Shinefield (January 18, 2021) [body work master, living in Iowa, USA]

"This (toxic words) is very well written concise, good examples. I like the grouping vs in the past you had a long list. This is a great presentation." See toxic words.

—Frank Jorgensen (January 18, 2021) [business investor, living in West Virginia, USA]

"I like the New Ethics." See the New Ethics and the science of ethics

—David Wheeler, Phd (January 18, 2021) [university professor of psychology, living in Pennsylvania, USA]

"The 'daily quota of quotes' is my favorite part each day."

—Riki Wang (January 17, 2021) [university student living in Kunming, China]


"It's always inspiring reading on your website. It opens up possibilities and miracles for me."

—Katrina Sang (January 17, 2021) [41-year-old executive assistant living in Shanghai, China]

"Good News!!! I'm starting to have 'No Bloody Fear.' The Damn Dam is breaking!!! No dufear (dammed-up fear) is the journey not the destination!!! LOL."

—Mike Akagi (January 16, 2021) [70-year-old entrepreneur living in Hawaii, USA)

"A great write up that drives the point of learning to love the journey!" (learning from nature)

—Frank Jorgensen (January 13, 2021)

"When I first wake up for 7:12 and right before I go to sleep for 7:12. The new timer is awesome!"

—Rich Smith (January 10, 2021) Note: Rich has made 14:24 into 7:12 and 7:12 (LOL)

"I never miss 14:24. It is so great. I'm learning and transforming my life through it."

—Mike Akagi (January 10, 2021)

"Finding more and more how important it is to take care of yourself first. Like on the airplane putting your mask on first or you won't be able to help anybody else. I have always been a 'good guy' and put others first many times to my own detriment and resulting in not being able to help the people I love the most. Definitely a 'paradox' of the extreme."

—Mike Akagi (January 9, 2021)

"I spent most of the 14:24 today in unraveling my DUFEAR... For the first time ever I did my "Holy Shit and What the Hell" a full 11 times!!! it was magical. Resisted Fear is a real thing! After a year of your effort I am finally declaring that I am not OCD, I made that up when I was 5 years Even if I am "Holy Shit and What the Hell" Who gives a damn!!!!"

—Mike Akagi (January 7, 2021)

"This is the best written example of a sales process I have seen. The phrase "law of averages" came to my mind as did the phrase "attention to details". ​ (See Distinguish actions from results)

—Frank Jorgensen (January 4, 2021: researcher and investor in business opportunities)

"Read the grief post (see Dead but not gone). I love the idea and wish it were part of grief counseling."

—Dr. David Wheeler (December 22, 2020: University professor of psychology)

"So I spent more than 14:24 on looking at courage for really the first time even though we have been working together for over a year now I believe This has been amazing.... thanks for being so insistent Dwight... you might just help me get back to my "new" self again....LOL."

—Mike Akagi (December 15, 2020: Entrepreneur)

"I have started Divide and Conquer! Done this before but not with keeping the desk clear everyday! What a concept. Most of my papers end up in a depressing pile anyway 😊"

—Michael Saperton (December 14, 2020: Entrepreneur)

"The NNI toolkit is fantastic. It helps me with my Now-Next integrity."

—Michael Wang (December 12, 2020: Beijing opera performer)

"I just spent 15 minutes on your site. The sheer volume of quality content, both depth and width, is just amazing! I spent some time with "problems I no longer have" have and also "1420: the key to it all." Thank you again for doing all this work to make it available to the world. Also, have a happy Thanksgivings there in China."

—John Stob (November 23, 2020: Stob Consulting)

"First, I would like to take a moment and appreciate the amount of effort and passion you put into creating your site. I had a chance to briefly look through the website and was impressed by the professional and easy-to-navigate interface, despite the complex inner structure that you have skillfully created. Your works are absolutely gorgeous! I'd love to read some of your stories in the future."

—Jean Laude (November 17, 2020: support)

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