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The average life of the Giant Sequoias is over 30 centuries

What is the Centurist Club?

The Centurist Club is a free, twice-monthly, one-hour Zoom event moderated by Dwight Goldwinde for those of us who may have interest in or who are centurists

The pilot aired live at 8:00am on Sunday, September 24th, 2023 from DaNang, Vietnam. Dwight was joined by ten participants in the Americas (Saturday evening), one from Colombia (also Saturday evening), and one from China (Sunday morning).

The future schedule of the Centurist Club will be second and fourth Sundays of each month (or the Saturdays before those Sundays for those in the Americas). To adjust for a slightly better time slot for those in the Americas, future episodes will start at 7:00am in Vietnam on Sunday. The new times for Saturday in the Americas will be PDT/PST of 5:00pm/4:00pm, MDT/MST of 6:00pm/5:00pm, CDT/CST of 7:00pm/6:00pm, and EDT/EST of 8:00pm/7:00pm. Beijing time will be 8:00 am on Sunday.

Here is the joining link: 

Current intentions are to record each session (with editing by request) and post them here for general public viewing. Access to Google is needed.

Click the link below to view the pilot of the Centurist Club! Reserve your seat now (you can use the form at the bottom of this link) for the next episode of the Centurist Club.

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Pilot: Saturday/Sunday, September 23/24, 2023 (the video)

^^^The Video^^^

Associated photos, videos, and links:

Episode 2: Saturday/Sunday, October 7/8, 2023 (the video)

^^^The Video^^^

Associated photos, videos, and links:

  • Longevity Escape Velocity

  • The Comfort Crisis

  • Death and Life

  • Why Aging is a Disease with David Sinclair (podcast) (contributed by centurist Frank Jorgensen)

  • David Sinclair's longevity checklist​

    • I take one gram (1,000 mg) of NMN every morning, along with 1 gram of resveratrol (shaken into my homemade yogurt) and 1 gram of metformin.

    • Daily dose of vitamin D, vitamin K, and 83 mg of aspirin.

    • to keep my sugar, bread, and pasta intake as low as possible. I gave up desserts at age 40, though | do steal tastes.

    • I try to skip one meal a day or at least make it really small. My busy schedule almost always means that | miss lunch most days of the week.

    • Every few months, a phlebotomist comes to my home to draw my blood, which | have analyzed for dozens of biomarkers, When my levels of various markers are not optimal, | moderate them with food or exercise.

    • I try to take a lot of steps each day and walk upstairs, and | go to the gym most weekends with my son, Ben; we lift weights, jog a bit, and hang out in the sauna before dunking in an ice-cold pool.

    • I eat a lot of plants and ry to avoid eating other mammals, even though they do taste good. If | work out, | will eat meat.

    • I don't smoke. | try to avoid microwaved plastic, excessive UV exposure, X-rays, and CT scans.

    • I try to stay on the cool side during the day and when | sleep at night.

    • I aim to keep my body weight or BMI in the optimal range for health span, which for me is 23 to 25.

  • Diet as a Lever to Improve Your Microbiome and Health (contributed by centurist Nick Kogiones)​​

Episode 3: Saturday/Sunday, October 23/22, 2023 

^^^The Video^^^

Associated photos, videos, and links:


46 Covenants

Each day I use this checklist to support me in my daily (and future) life. Most of these covenants relate to my health and longevity, starting mostly from #15.

Here are a few explanations.

  • The dates indicate either a starting date or modification date for the item (in its current re-creation)

  • #15 WBV = Whole body vibration machine. I use this at my stand-up desk while I am working on my computer.

  • #16 RLT = Red light therapy device used on my upper body (mostly the face and chest areas)

  • #24 green smoothie = a blender drink containing some of the other supplements (like the food yeast) along with carrots, cauliflower, kale, bell pepper, cucumber, ginger root, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, and green beans.

  • #43 and #44 = climbing up and down a half-flight on stairs (9 steps down and 9 steps up) 60 times which equates to climbing down the 30 flights of stairs (I live on the 31st floor) and up 30 flights of stairs. Currently, I do this with a rucksack on my back weighing 5.2 kg (or 12.1 pounds).

Episode 4: Saturday/Sunday, November 11/12, 2023 

Associated photos, videos, and links:





























Reserve your seat now for episode #6 on December 9/10


Read the article

compliments of centurist Frank Jorgensen

Dr. Joel Greger of talks about the issue of "immortality" and his forthcoming book "How Not do Age."


I've added 2 grams of taurine powder to my daily supplement routine. Here's how ChatGPT summarized the benefits.

Centurist Paul Stanworth provided this link for the customized vitamin formula that he takes.

Episode 5: Saturday/Sunday, November 25/26, 2023 

^^^The Video^^^

Associated photos, videos, and links:


Loving the journey is important

Why would we want to be able to celebrate our second century and beyond? Only if we were loving the journey, right? I shared with the other centurists the eight pathways along which I love living my life.


Another centurist resource through ChatGPT

I asked Dr. Huberman about the treatment options for varicose veins that are causing edema in the feet and legs.


Here's the recipe provided by the Sous Chef.

Here's the image provided by the Sous Chef of the dish created from the recipe.


I keep a large container of pre-mixed beans and whole grains in my kitchen cabinet. Every four to five days I will soak up a batch of them for at least two hours. Using my Instant Pot, I cook them up nice and soft and then store them in my refrigerator. These gives me easy access to include 5-6 servings of beans/grains in my everyday set of meals and snacks.


I wanted to sleep on the floor using a futon for my health. However, I also wanted the convenience of "getting into my bed" instead of getting down on the floor to sleep for my naps and overnight. Solution: I bought a large board to cover my bed and then put the futon on top of that. Works great!

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