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The Wisdom is Found in the Questions

Keep Asking the Questions to Harvest the Wisdom

"Questions are the answers."

-Thomas Vato

"If we would have new knowledge,

we must get us a whole world of new questions."

-Susanne Langer, philosopher 

The following thirty-five "reminder" questions are all you need

to easily re-create your life, step by step, into the natural joy

felt in the daily living of your life.

In answering each question, give yourself a percentage score

(like 100% for all the time or 30% for only 30% of the time).

Some questions could be divided into two of more questions.

If helpful, answer each of these separately (like #12).

Recommendation: choose five questions a day. Every seven days

you'll go through all 35 questions to ask and answer for yourself.

Hint: see question #34.

For the professionally translated Chinese version, click here

1. Am I remembering that happiness is life’s purpose for me and everyone else?

2. Am I 100% responsible for the quality of each and every one of my relationships (thereby not giving away any of my power). This means no blame and no guilt?

3. Am I remembering that my #1 job in my life is to take care of myself?

4. Am I remembering that I am the final judge (always thinking for myself, even though I can make mistakes) as to what it means to take care of myself and what will make me happy, currently and for my future?

5. Am I worrying, feeling pressured, overwhelmed, impatient, guilty, or regretful? Am I using “Holy Cats...” to dissolve any of these feelings?​

^^^ Monday's questions ^^^

6. Am I under promising both to myself and to others, creating and maintaining both time and money buffers in my life?

7. Am I looking for ways for my self-interests (taking care of myself) and the self-interests of others (them taking care of themselves) to fit together?

8. When I am suffering, or life seems hard, am I asking myself, “How am I fighting with reality right now?”

9. Whenever I am upset about something or with someone, am I asking myself, “How could this be a gift? How could I make a gift out of this?”

10. Am I listening deeply to others, seeking to first to understand them, second to be understood?

^^^ Tuesday's questions ^^^

11. Am I choosing courage to live a life true to myself, not necessarily the life others expect (or may expect) of me?

12. Am I choosing courage consistently to make requests and to say “no”?

13. Am I choosing courage to keep good boundaries with others?

14. Am I choosing courage to be more authentic and self-expressed with myself and others (while keeping my mouth shut when needed)?

15. Am I choosing courage to graciously accept when others say "no" to me or reject me?

^^^ Wednesday's questions ^^^

16. Am I choosing courage to let go of expectations of both myself and of others?

17. Am I choosing courage to prioritize enjoying the process over any specific result?

18. Am I showing respect to myself, my friends, my colleagues, my reports, my boss, and my family members?

19. Am I choosing courage to accept that others may sometimes be upset with me or think badly of me?

20. Is my Next showing respect and consideration for what my Now wants and needs?

^^^ Thursday's questions ^^^

21. Am I being my own best friend? Am I giving myself admiration, compassion, and understanding?

22. Am I letting go of defensiveness? Am I remembering there is nothing to defend?

23. Am I remembering that others’ upset with me means nothing bad about me?

24. Am I watching the machinery of my mind with compassion and curiosity, knowing that I am not my machinery?

25. Am I remembering to bring myself present to this moment, letting go of the past and the future?

^^^ Friday's questions ^^^

26. Am I remembering that others are just trying to take care of themselves the best they know how?

27. Am I using the Partnership Conversation whenever I have a conflict with another?

28. Am I avoiding toxic words like good, bad, right, wrong, fair, unfair, difficult, obligation, not good enough, should, and shouldn’t?

29. Am I bringing play, adventure, curiosity, and gratitude to each moment of my day?

30. Am I accepting that everyone's choices (including mine) are not right or wrong, not good or bad, but have costs, benefits, risks, and possibilities, for themselves and for others, both short-term and long-term?

^^^ Saturday's questions ^^^

31. Am I remembering to notice a soul-to-soul connection with each person in my life?

32. Am I remembering that, after breathing, getting enough sleep and staying well rested is the #1 life priority for myself?

33. In the past week, have I remembered to maximize the source of my calories (moving towards 100%) that I get from eating whole, unprocessed, plant foods (greens, beans, grains, seeds, fruits, berries, root vegetables, nuts, mushrooms, fungus, seaweed, teas, coffees, spices, nutritional yeast, algae, and bee pollen), along with supplemental vitamin B12?

34. Am I using my mobile alarm to remind me to ask myself five of these questions each day?

35. Am I using and learning from at least weekly?

^^^ Sunday's questions ^^^

P.S. If you have any questions about these questions, email me at

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