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Undoing shoulds: Happiness

When we forget that happiness is the ultimate purpose

for everything that each one of us does in every moment of our lives, this allows "shoulds" to intrude.

“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”

—Omar Khayyam (Persian mathematician, astronomer, and poet, 1048-1131)



Happiness is anything that you find at the end of the question, “And if you got that, then what would that give you?” As such, it’s the built-in purpose of life from which there is no escape (thank God). In the broadest sense, which is the one I always use for the word happiness, it would include both big and small things, including moving away from unhappiness and moving towards happiness. It includes happiness for both Now and Next, as well as Oneself and Others.


Examples of happiness:


  • The comfortable feeling in your right hand, when you take time to notice it.

  • The pleasurable feeling from a massage.

  • The excitement about the progress and possibilities of a project you are working on.

  • The delightful anticipation of meeting with a friend.

  • The feeling of adventure as you journey through your life.

  • The thought and feeling that you’re doing something important in the world, that you are making a difference in the world.

  • The nice feeling of having accomplished something.

  • The memory of a beautiful romantic moment.

  • The feeling of satisfaction when you did something that made someone else feel happy.

  • The feeling of appreciation for all the beauty in the world.

  • The feeling of loving another or being loved by another.

  • The lovely feeling of falling off to sleep.

  • Not in pain.

  • Not suffering.

  • Not feeling lonely.

  • Not feeling depressed.

  • Not feeling resentment.

  • Not feeling guilty.

The distinction of happiness:


  • Feeling great in your body, in your mind, and in your spirit.

  • Loving and living the in-the-moment of your life with an excitement and anticipation for your future; feeling fulfilled both in the present and in the process and unfolding of your life; feeling gratitude for all that is and all that isn’t.

  • Loving and respecting yourself, others, and life just the way you are, just the way they are, and just the way life is—as well as just the way you and they and it are not.

If you still have any doubt...

If you still have any doubt that happiness (which includes avoiding unhappiness), is the inescapable ultimate intention behind every thought, feeling, and behavior, then review a more comprehensive examination of this claim in this suite: Happiness: the ultimate purpose.

The result is already given: the only question is "how"

That is what The 14:24 Guest House is all about.

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