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Feedback from my clients

Steven Culp [calibration engineer and customer service] March 23, 2024

Paula Naisbitt [former real estate agent and Landmark Education leader] August 18, 2023

Michael Buehrle [master enroller, Arizona] June 30, 2022

Tracy Chen [virtual executive assistant, China] June 26, 2021

Frank Jorgensen [entrepreneur and investor, West Virginia] June 17, 2021

Brian Arbor [entrepreneur, Illinois] May 15, 2021

Jim Lockhart [rental property owner and manager, Wyoming] May 8, 2021

Mike Akagi [serial entrepreneur and health advocate, Hawaii] November 20, 2020

Kevin Gu [logistics engineer with Ford, Melbourne, Australia] 3-20-2020]

Jackie Pan [life coach and marketing consultant, Melbourne, Australia] 3-1-2020

David Wheeler, Phd [associate professor of psychology Robert Morris University, New Jersey] 12-21-2019

Rob Winward [certified medicaid planner, Utah] 5-15-2019

Phil Blackmon [self-employed, Medellin, Columbia] 3-28-2019

Maureen Poirier [insurance leader and trainer with Premier Financial, Hawaii] 3-24-2019

Chip Lambert [insurance leader and trainer with Premier Financial, Arizona] 3-6-2019

Julio Abreu [manager with The Boeing Company, Texas] 2-2019

Bill White [counselor in private practice, Arizona] 5-20-2018

Dan Haygeman [corporate business coach, Washington] 4-21-2017

Beth Gehring [nutritional health coach, Ohio] 9-19-2016

Lee Shinefield [IT manager, Wisconsin] 7-20-2015

Deborah Blackmon [real-estate agent and property manager, Arizona] 6-2015

Amee Shah [professor, Stockton University, New Jersey] April 1, 2015

Kim Klein [hospice owner and health care provider, Ohio] March 14, 2015

Calla Hu [English tutor, Kunming, China] November 27, 2014

Leslie Carruthers [SEO company founder and leader, Ohio] June 23, 2013

Paul McKinley [Entrepreneur, Bali, Indonesia] June 10, 2012

Jim Gehring [Entrepreneurial software enterprises, Ohio] March 28, 2011

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