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"The 14:24 Club" Join now! It's free

I have a rather unusual offer for you


And it’s free. Let me explain, okay?


Then just give me a “yes” or “no.” Or ask me a question if you need more information.

What is 14:24?

Why is 14 minutes and 24 seconds a uniquely special amount of time. Most people don’t know how special it is. Because: it’s exactly 1% of your day.


Given that, let me ask you this question:


“If there were one thing you could study (and have fun with) each day for just 14 minutes and 24 seconds that would, step by step, make EVERYTHING else in your life better, wouldn’t that be a SMALL price to pay (just 1% of your day…you still have 99% left for other things) for such a large benefit?”


Almost everyone I’ve asked this question of, replies with, “yes, of course.” How about you?

The experiment


If so, then I suggest an “experiment” for you. I’ve been working on (also mobile friendly) since February 28, 2018. Currently, I am spending one to two hours each day making it richer and more fun. 


Many people who have joined “The 14:24 Club,” taking just 1% of their day to learn something new that strengthens the foundation of their life. They are telling me that their life is getting better and better.

You've heard the expression, "A rising tide lifts all ships." With 14:24, you'll notice everything in your life getting better almost effortlessly. 


However, I can’t know for sure if this would work for you, even though I am fairly confident it will. This is the experiment I suggest.


For a minimum of four weeks, you would intend/agree to spend just 14 minutes and 24 seconds each day on AskDwightHow learning from the different links. There is even a fun countdown timer to keep track of this for you.


And you’ll allow me to be your support partner in this through “The 14:24 Club.” 

Special note: is now also known as The 14:24 Guest House.

English, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese...whatever your language...


If you’re USA based, you’ll receive that message by a personal text message or email. 

If you’re China based, you’ll get that message through “The 14:24 Club” Wechat group or email.

If you’re Vietnamese based, you’ll get that message through “The 14:24 Club” Zalo group or email.

Just let us know which way you'd like to receive you daily support message.

The daily support message


Each day I’ll send you a message suggesting a new link you might want to look at. Any feedback you give is great. The minimum daily feedback only takes THREE seconds. You text me with either, “I did it” or “I didn’t do it.” You do this inside the group or by text message (if you’re USA based).


What could you lose? What could you gain?!

That’s it. That’s the experiment. I would be honored if you’d join with me in this experiment to see whether it could make your life obviously better within just four weeks. Could we give it a try? Do you have any questions?


If you say “yes,” then I’ll add you to the group and send you some suggested links to get started with. You can use the form at the bottom of this link to ask questions or signup. It's simple.


Just 1% of each day for the next four weeks…that will be long enough for you to know clearly whether it’s working. And if it's working like I predict, you'll just continue with 14:24 so that things just get better and better.


What do you think? How about it?!

Don't think too much. Act now!

PS: Check out 14:24 - The Key to your Life for more information.


With appreciation, Dwight

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