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Unveiling the magic: what is More Might?

Whole life coach Dwight GoldWinde, with 37 years as a life-and-lifestyle coach and renaissance man, leads "More Might with Dwight," a two-hour event on the first Sundays (Asia)/Saturdays (Americas) of every month. In 18-minute coaching mini-sessions, one by one, with four to five different participants, Dwight unveils the magic behind the previously undiscovered life fundamentals that he masterfully uses to easily and quickly unknot each of the life dilemmas that are presented to him.

Arthur C. Clarke said, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

What makes Dwight's approach seem like magic is his deep understanding of the fundamental principles that explain all human suffering (and happiness). Not only that, he has designed and developed the tools, based upon these principles, that undoes that suffering and, in the process, allows the disowned joy and love of life, hidden underneath, to bubble to the surface. 

More Might includes one-on-one Zoom sessions

In addition to my monthly two-hour event, I often get permission to record other coaching sessions with a friend or a client. These add additional breadth and depth to what is available from the selections that you will see below.

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"More Might"

December 3rd, 2023

MMD1203 Steven.jpg

Steven wants to be a successful non-smoker

(Google Docs link 15:47-access requires VPN in China)

MMD2303 Michael.jpg

Michael wants to stop procrastinating

(Google Docs link 17:48-access requires VPN in China)

MMD2303 Sophie.jpg

Event summary by Zoom's AI Companion

(with minor corrections by Dwight)

Meeting summary for More Might (12/03/2023)

Quick recap

Dwight facilitated a discussion about various personal and social issues. He addressed procrastination, sleep schedule, career anxieties, and fear management with Michael, Sophie, Steven, Tracy, and others. He emphasized the importance of enjoying the present, trusting the future, and understanding the positive intentions behind negative thoughts. He also discussed the challenges of parent-child communication, quitting smoking, and managing phone addiction. Towards the end, he invited Lucky, a retiree, to be a guest speaker at an upcoming event. 


Procrastination, Focus, and Health Practices

Dwight addressed a problem, but no one volunteered to help initially. When Dwight asked Winnie and Iris if they had a problem, they deferred to someone else. Michael admitted he had a problem with procrastination, particularly with practicing for an upcoming drama contest. Dwight proposed a method to make practicing more attractive to Michael, and they discussed the challenges of maintaining focus on practice. They also discussed personal fitness routines, effective techniques for managing personal habits, and the impact of staying up late on health. Michael admitted to frequently staying up late and feeling tired in the morning, and Dwight proposed solutions such as setting a sleep schedule, limiting phone use, and involving the 'now' and 'next' selves in decision making. Dwight suggested recording the session for future reference. 

Career Anxiety and Life Purpose Dialogue

Dwight engaged with a participant named Sophie who was experiencing anxiety and self-doubt about her future career prospects. The participant, a university student majoring in English, expressed concerns about her ability to secure a good job after graduation. Dwight helped her reframe her thinking by discussing the purpose of life and the definition of success. The conversation concluded with Sophie articulating that her idea of success was having a satisfying job that pays well, which would allow her to pursue her interests and maintain her health. 

Fear of Judgment and the Importance of Courage

Dwight and Sophie discussed the human tendency to worry about future judgment and criticism, which can diminish the joy of life. Dwight emphasized the importance of choosing courage to take risks, make requests, and share openly, even if it might lead to looking bad. He encouraged people to focus on the fun of the game, rather than solely on impressing others. The conversation concluded with Dwight prompting those present to consider doing something in their life that they fear to try due to the potential for future judgement. Additionally, Dwight expressed his concerns about balancing his passion for travel with his studies, and suggested an experiment aimed at alleviating this fear, but no details were provided.


Fear Management and Future Planning

Dwight was conducting an exercise with Sophie to help manage fear, which involved measuring and expressing fear levels on a scale of one to ten, followed by deep breathing and repetition of specific words. After the exercise, Sophie reported a decrease in her fear level. Dwight highlighted the importance of enjoying the present moment and planning for the future, and mentioned resources available on his website to aid in this practice. Towards the end, Dwight invited everyone to a future event on the first Sunday of January. Tracy shared that she received an invitation from her daughter's teacher to give a presentation to middle school students about their future. She sought advice on how to make the conversation productive and meaningful. The presentation was scheduled to last for 30 minutes. 

Career Paths, Positive Attitudes, and Learning

Dwight and Tracy had a discussion about the pressures of having a clear career path from a young age and the importance of individuality. Dwight advised focusing on enjoying the learning process and trusting that the future will open up. They also touched on the concept of positive and negative attitudes and their impacts. Dwight suggested that even negative thoughts can be a person's way of trying to do something positive for themselves. They concluded that there is always a way to make a positive difference, even if the current situation seems negative. They also discussed their experiences with the school system, with Dwight expressing his view that the school system is often about appearances rather than genuine learning. He suggested finding ways to make school more fun and using the Internet to learn about subjects that may not be offered in school. 

Parenting and Teen Communication Challenges

Dwight and Tracy discussed the challenges of communicating with teenagers and the difficulties parents face in trying to control their children's actions. Tracy expressed her struggles in trying to manage her daughter's phone usage and maintain boundaries. Dwight advised her to set clear rules and consequences, but also emphasized the importance of understanding her daughter's perspective and respecting her autonomy. He also highlighted the need for Tracy to take care of herself and avoid getting caught up in a power struggle with her daughter. 

Parenting and Addiction Discussion

Dwight and Tracy discussed the importance of parent-child relationships and Dwight recommended a book called "Good Inside" by Dr. Becky Kennedy that provides insights into parenting. Later, Steven shared his struggle with nicotine addiction and his difficulty in quitting smoking. Dwight proposed an imaginative exercise where Steven commits to a one-week period of no smoking, vaping, or using any other nicotine replacement. 


Steven's Quit Smoking Discussion

Steven, a smoker, discusses his projection of feeling nervous, fidgety, and easily annoyed during the first week of quitting smoking, especially due to withdrawal symptoms. He also reveals his desire to avoid becoming a person easily annoyed and irritated, as that's not the person he wants to be. Dwight suggests a strategy where Steven can wink at him if he feels Steven has been snappy, to help him be aware of his behavior. Dwight then emphasizes the benefits of quitting smoking, such as improved sleep and potential to live longer. Steven decides to take a stand and declare himself a non-smoker from this moment onwards. He plans to use nicotine patches to support his decision. Dwight encourages Steven to reach out to him if he ever considers smoking again. 

Expressing, Learning, and Phone Addiction

Dwight and Maria discussed Maria's difficulties in expressing her thoughts and feelings, with Dwight offering to assist her in future sessions. Later, Dwight interacted with Lucky, a retiree, and suggested him as a guest speaker for an upcoming event on January 7th. The team also shared personal experiences and lessons learned, with Farady discussing his struggles with comparing himself to others, Nick reflecting on the comfort of shared problems, and Cindy sharing a personal experience related to parental relationships. Towards the end, Aibin brought up the topic of phone addiction. There was confusion towards the end due to Winnie's audio and video issues. 

Next steps

• Michael will experiment with setting up a schedule for practicing and sleeping, and will consider involving someone else to help him stick to the schedule. 

• Tracy will prepare for her presentation to middle school students about their future. 

• Steven will consider quitting smoking and using nicotine altogether. He will use Dwight's suggestion of announcing his decision to his colleagues and asking them to remind him if he seems snappy. Steven will also consider the benefits of quitting smoking, such as improved health, better sleep, and financial savings. 

• Steven will get patches to support his decision to quit smoking.

231208 Riki job
231208 Riki Lie

"More Might for Riki"

December 8th, 2023

231209 Riki job.jpg

Riki has lost her excitement for her new job

(Google Docs link 12:40-access requires VPN in China)

231209 Riki lie.jpg

Riki feels guilty about telling a helpful lie

(Google Docs link 22:02-access requires VPN in China)

Event summary by Zoom's AI Companion

(with minor corrections by Dwight)

Meeting summary for More Might for Riki (12/08/2023)

Quick recap

Dwight and Riki had a discussion about the morality of lying, with both agreeing that honesty is important but sometimes it may not always be possible to be truthful. Dwight suggested that transparency is a better option than lying. They also discussed open communication in relationships and Dwight shared a personal story about using a lie to prevent a conflict. The conversation then shifted to the importance of finding joy in one's work, as Riki was feeling unenthusiastic about his job. They concluded the discussion by encouraging each other to take charge of their time and find simple pleasures. 



Lying, Honesty, and Moral Dilemmas

Dwight and Riki discussed the moral complexity of lying. Riki expressed a conflict between honesty and helpfulness, particularly when lies could help avoid problems. Dwight suggested that honesty is not always straightforward and sometimes omission of information can be considered a lie. Riki shared a recent example where they felt uncomfortable lying about having some bread to share, even though they could have justified it as a white lie. Dwight proposed that instead of lying, Riki could choose to be more transparent, acknowledging their preference to keep the bread for themselves.

Lying: Benefits, Risks, and Personal Experience

Dwight and Riki had a detailed discussion about the benefits and risks of lying. Dwight shared their personal philosophy about lying, stating that they only lies when necessary and ensures that they do a good job of it. They mentioned that sometimes a lie can be beneficial, but it carries the risk of being found out, which can greatly impact relationships. Riki agreed that sometimes a little lie is acceptable, especially in certain situations and cultures. Dwight also shared a personal story about using a lie to prevent a potential conflict.

Communication Strategies in Relationships

Dwight and Riki discussed the importance of open communication in relationships. Dwight shared a word they invented, RAFTS, which stands for reluctant and frightened to share, and suggested it could help set context for a potentially vulnerable conversation. Riki shared a personal story about a misunderstanding with a friend, and Dwight suggested a different approach for communicating difficult issues, emphasizing the need to frame discussions in a way that minimizes the likelihood of offense.

Anecdote, Solution, Work Schedule, Problem Solving

Dwight shared a personal anecdote about a friend named Danny who was accommodating and helpful when Dwight was having a problem with a loud voice in their apartment. Dwight suggested a solution to this problem by proposing a non-verbal signal to ask for lower volume. The conversation then transitioned to a discussion about Riki's work schedule and a problem they were dealing with. It was agreed that they would address this issue together.

Work Enthusiasm Decline Discussion

Riki discussed feeling less excited about going to work in recent weeks, despite initially finding their job thrilling. Dwight suggested that the issue might not be related to waking up early, but rather a lack of enthusiasm for their job. Riki agreed with Dwight's assessment, but struggled to articulate how to make their job more enjoyable. The conversation concluded without a clear resolution, but both acknowledged the importance of Riki finding joy in their work.

Time Management and Simple Pleasures

Riki and Dwight had a conversation about the mundane aspects of Riki's job, which involves a lot of waiting and printing. Dwight suggested Riki could use this time for other activities, like reading, singing, or dancing. They also discussed the importance of appreciating simple pleasures and not relying solely on external stimulation. Dwight encouraged Riki to take charge of their time and proactively stimulate themselves rather than feeling like a victim of their circumstances. They concluded the discussion with the idea of planning something special to look forward to each day when Riki arrives at the office. No specific action items or further instructions were given.

Next steps


• Riki will consider ways to make the printing process more enjoyable during work.

• Riki will consider making work more enjoyable by planning something special for the first 15-20 minutes of each day.

"More Might for Riki"

December 15th, 2023


Riki asks "Can boys and girls be just friends?"

(Google Docs link 11:59-access requires VPN in China)

231215 Riki girlsandboys

"More Might for Riki"

December 21st, 2023


Riki asks, "What can I do?

My girlfriend keeps obsessing over her ex-boyfriend."

(Google Docs link 7:26-access requires VPN in China)

231221 Riki comfort gf

"More Might for Riki"


Riki says, "So many things are changing it's upsetting."

(Google Docs link 15:11-access requires VPN in China)

231221 Riki changes

"More Might for Riki"


Riki asks, "Why do I get tired talking with my other friends, but I get energy talking with you?"

(Google Docs link 17:28-access requires VPN in China)

231231 Riki tired

"More Might for Riki"


Riki asks, "Is it possible to remain friends with an ex?"

(Google Docs link 13:09-access requires VPN in China)

240104 Riki with ex

"More Might for Riki"


Riki asks, "Why am I reluctant to call my old friend?"

(Google Docs link 6:17-access requires VPN in China)

240104 Riki reluctant

"More Might for Charlotte"

Charlotte worry.jpg

Charlotte complains, "I feel so worried and pressured at work."

Special Note: this includes Chinese translation by Riki.

(Google Docs link 26:43-access requires VPN in China)

240107 Charlotte

"More Might for Faraday"


Faraday thinks, "I need to improve myself in 2024."

(Google Docs link 7:17-access requires VPN in China)

240107 Faraday

"More Might for Tracy"


Tracy asks, "How can I stop raising my voice with my daughter, husband, or mother?

(Google Docs link 23:24-access requires VPN in China)

241007 Tracy

"More Might for Riki"


Riki worries, "I wonder what they're thinking of me?"

(Google Docs link 14:25-access requires VPN in China)

240111 Riki worries

"More Might for Riki"


Riki says, "My friend feels tired of the idea of getting to know a new woman."

(Google Docs link 9:54-access requires VPN in China)

240120 Riki bored
240125 Riki not good

"More Might for Riki"


Riki asks, "Should I tell my friend she's not marrying a good man?"

(Google Docs link 15:30-access requires VPN in China)

"More Might for Riki"


Riki says, "I shouldn't rely on other people."

(Google Docs link 13:29-access requires VPN in China)

240314 Riki independent
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