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OOI toolkit
ways to create and maintain
Oneself-Others Integrity

The wars, battles, and skirmishes

The ongoing wars, battles, skirmishes, and generally adversarial relationship between Oneself and Others constitute the second most fundamental problem of humanity. See Oneself and Others for a full depiction of the carnage this creates.

The tools in this toolkit, singly and in combination, create peace and cooperation between Oneself and Others. They create Oneself-Others Integrity.

Special note: Oneself-Others Integrity is comprised of two sub-integrities: Express-Emage Integrity and Selfish-Service Integrity. Future enrichments will tease out these distinctions and the tools to address them in the EEI toolkit and SSI toolkit. For now, these differences will not be further distinguished.

The following issues or problems will be minimized or more likely disappear as you create and maintain Oneself-Others Integrity.

Problems that will disappear

  • Feeling that others take advantage of you

  • Feeling that others don't appreciate you and what you've done for them

  • Feeling guilty when others blame you (or might blame you)

  • Regretting or feeling guilty about your past

  • Feeling like you can't trust others

  • Being upset with others when they don't meet your expectations

  • Feeling betrayed by another

  • Thinking that others don't give you what you deserve

  • Feeling resentment towards others

  • Blaming others

  • Not living a life true to yourself

  • Difficulties in saying "no"

  • Difficulties in making requests

  • Difficulties in setting and maintaining good boundaries with others

  • Difficulties in removing your mask and being authentic

  • Difficulties in expressing appreciation to others

  • Not feeling listened to or understood

  • Not feeling respected

  • Not feeling liked or loved

  • Not feeling supported by others

  • Difficulties in listening to others

  • Difficulties in being patient with others

  • Difficulties in creating and maintaining mutually enjoyable conversations with others

  • Difficulties in resolving conflicts with important people in your life

  • Difficulties in under promising to others

  • Difficulties in not keeping your promises to others

  • Feeling defensive with others

  • Feeling alone or loneliness

  • Feeling pressured by others

  • Feeling intimidated by others

Oneself-Others integrity should be a #1 priority, right!?

Check out your current Oneself-Others integrity EQ:

The tools below will move your OOI EQ toward 100%

Prerequisite tools

Contextual tools

Actions tools


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