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A DOUBLE GIFT (for me too)

It's so great when you love

the everyday process of your job

My gift to you

For over 3.4 decades (since 1987) I've been working over the telephone or on Zoom with people from all over North America (mostly) in one-hour telephone/Zoom coaching/consulting sessions. To prepare for your gift session, bring some issue, problem, or goal to the beginning of your session, such that, if we are able to substantially impact that in the one hour, it would be life changing for you. It's more fun to deal with big stuff.

Maximum value

Once we set your session on a day and time convenient for you, I will ship a welcome packet to you. This packet helps to prepare you to get the maximum value from your gift session.

At the end of your session...

At the end of your session, I will tell you about my coaching program, to see whether it fits for you or not.

The gift is reciprocal

No cost, no obligation. I love what I do so that spending that hour with you is a gift to me also, regardless of whether we work further together. 

No downsides...just upsides

Can you think of a good reason not to accept this gift? I hope not!

Only a dial or click away

Contact me now (anytime) by telephone (my USA number is 206-923-9554) or by email. You could also text me. My texting number is 206-457-2817. Now is almost always the best time, don't you agree?!

Text me at 1-206-457-2817

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