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My Life and Your life

My Life and Your Life

To have a role model is not something I believe in. Rather, I choose to find admirable traits in others and examine their cautionary tales. By learning from the experiences of others, I gain a wealth of knowledge that I can apply to my own life in a unique way.

I don't want to impose my way of living on you. I don't advise you use me as a role model. Instead, I am honored if my stories can suggest some valuable principles that can shape your own life. This section of AskDwightHow is different from the rest as it uses my own life experiences to illustrate important principles in a personal and relatable way. Enjoy the journey!

I am not, and yet...

Parables from my life

  • "I'm only eight years old and I already killed someone"-1952 (in the works)

  • "I will never have children," I told everyone-1956 

  • "How to Win Friends and Influence People" - the first book that changed my life-1958 (in the works)

  • Episcopal minister helps solve the problem of who really knows the truth-1959 (in the works)

  • Ask the mayor for permission to raise a baby lion-1960 (in the works)

  • Mistakes my mother made even though I had won the mother lottery-1960 (in the works)

  • Thomas Hardy teaches me a life lesson in sharing openly-1961 (in the works)

  • My geometry teacher told me I had made a fundamental math discovery-1961 (in the works)

  • So blaming other students who break in line that I go to see Principal Caldwell-1961 (in the works)

  • I learned a simple way to become a student government representative-1963 (in the works)

  • My sex education and eight years of guilt-1964 (in the works)

  • Lost alone in Savage Gulch with a nine-shot 22 revolver-1964 (in the works)

  • Dodging the draft-1966 

  • Marine Corps bootcamp battalion commander calls on Private Minkler-1966

  • Minkler gets righteous and gets his tooth broken-1966 (in the works)

  • Private first class Minkler calls on Marine Corps Reserve battalion commander-1967

  • One of my favorite beliefs bites the dust after spending my savings on EPSILON-1968 (in the works)

  • My naivety almost destroyed my relationship with my best friend-1968 (in the works)

  • I realized that I was basing my happiness on my ability to move a juggernaut-1969 (in the works)

  • "I'm better than those other guys. Why do they have a girlfriend and I don't"-1970

  • How I finally got my first long-term girlfriend-1970 (in the works)

  • A transformation: from hard life to an easy one by talking with my child-1975 (in the works)

  • The problems of falling in love with two (or more) women at the same time-1976 (in the works)

  • How I changed my mind from being polyamorous to looking for "the one"-1981 (in the works)

  • Selling "The Magical Poet" for a $50,000 upfront payment before royalties-1984 (in the works)

  • State of New York comes after me and wife for a $90,000+ jeopardy tax assessment-1984 (in the works)

  • A discovery of a life time (guaranteed promises) and a new career-1987 (in the works)

  • "OMG, if we don't come up with $10,000, we're going to lose our home"-1987 (in the works)

  • My car mechanic never returns my car on time and it's okay with me-1989 

  • My wife tells me "I'm just going through the motions with our marriage"-1991 (in the works)

  • Changing my family name from Minkler to GoldWinde-1994 (in the works)

  • How I barely dodged the biggest bullet of my life by "being a good guy"-1995 (in the works)

  • Bedroom drama: my wife calls the police-1995 (in the works)

  • The biggest choice of courage of my entire life: "becoming a bad guy"-1996 (in the works)

  • My identity endangered my life by prohibiting me from seeing a dentist-1997 (in the works)

  • How I got myself to ask and beautiful woman for her number-1998

  • My girlfriend leaves me and I cry everyday for five weeks-1998 (in the works)

  • My housemates are disgusted with my girlfriend's sounds-2000

  • How I finished my 700-page book-2004

  • How had chose between two women-2021

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