Man-Woman Integrity toolkit

These tools, singly and in combination,
create peace, cooperation, and excitement
between men and women, the two seXes!

Prerequisite tools

Which sex are you?

Most of us fall into a clear male or female category, possessing a polar attraction to the opposite sex. And a lot of us do not. For those of us who don't, our polarity with another male or female can even vary from time to time with the same individual or with different relationships. 

Nevertheless, it may not matter whether you've got an X or Y chromosome. And you could, in any particular relationship with another, have a chance to experience an exciting polarity with you taking either the more feminine or masculine role in that relationship.

Bottom line: Whether or not I use the words he or she, man or woman, position yourself in the conversation as the one taking either the more masculine or more feminine role.

Two sub-sections, one for women, one for men

Some topics are addressed from a woman's perspective. Although I recommend that men study these too, you women will love this section: Men are here just for you.

Other topics are addressed from a man's perspective. Although women should check this out also, you men will love this section: You too can understand women.

The rest of this link is about issues that apply equally to both men and women.

Contextual tools

  • Forever love, a fabrication (before the fact)

  • Respect cf. love

  • Creating and maintaining clarity about the overall costs and benefits of your relationship

  • Love is risky

  • Unconditional love, a fabrication

  • What do men and women want

Actions tools

Tools in the queue

  • Apologizing

  • Attachment

  • Distance creates beauty (a Chinese proverb)

  • Divorce

  • Fairness (it can be dangerous to your relationship)

  • How to get a girl/boyfriend

  • Marriage

  • Savoring the hunger

  • Setting and maintaining good boundaries with others

  • "Tell me something I don't know about you"

  • TLA or Together living apart (romantic)

  • Unconditional love

  • What women want from men; what men want from women