Almost unbelievable,

but I've found the way...


"So easy it seemed once found,

which yet unfound most would have thought impossible."

-John Milton (1608-1674)

 Let me tell you about my everyday life

and the problems that I no longer have

I consistently keep 28 promises to myself every weekday, including daily planning before 7am, exercise, and emptying my email inbox.

     But without self-discipline or perseverance.


I never procrastinate on starting something I need to start.

     But without pushing myself.


I keep working at tasks and goals tirelessly without getting frustrated.

     But without patience.


I am persistent in eating super healthfully.

     But rarely depriving myself.


I quit or fail at many of the things I start.

     But without discouragement or self-criticism.

It wasn’t always this way for me.

I’m up to some important things in my life.

     But without stress.

My life has a fair amount of routine.

     But without boredom.

My life has many of the uncertainties and risks as the lives of others do.

     But without worry or anxiety.

I never feel betrayed or taken advantage of by others.

     Because I keep good boundaries and I manage my expectations.

     Therefore, I never have to forgive others (because there is nothing to forgive).

I am quite patient with others.

     Because I never feel I am wasting my time.

It wasn’t always this way for me.

Others often see me as generous.

     Because I find ways to give to others selfishly.

I rarely feel defensive.

     Because I know that I have nothing to defend.

I am open and self-expressed with others and I am never lonely.

     Because I’ve made friends with my fear that others may disapprove of me or reject me.

I am confident I can resolve almost any conflict with others.

     Because I believe that our self-interests can be complementary.

In each year, starting in 2015 I have hosted about two hundred soirées in my home, with a total of more than six hundred strangers as my guests per year, savoring snacks and conversation together.

     Because I know that life is my playground

     and everyone is my playmate or potential playmate.

It wasn’t always this way for me.

Does any of this interest you?

If so, continue. 

I'll show you how you can have it too.


Check here for an even more complete description of the changes in my life.

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