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Ways to create and maintain 
Express-Emage Integrity

Special note: this page is under developed: for now check out the OOI toolkit to find links that specifically relate to Express-Emage Integrity.

Distinguishing Express-Emage Integrity from Selfish-Service Integrity

Oneself-Others conflicts are a combination of Express-Emage conflicts and Selfish-Service conflicts. If somehow we grew up and survived totally without connection with other humans, no such conflicts would exist.

Express-Emage conflicts

Express-Emage conflicts arise when two distinct types of desires/needs seem to conflict, and that we think must choose to sacrifice one over the other. The first type, Express, is our desire and need for full self-expression, and authenticity, without self-censorship. The second type, Emage, is our desire and need to look good to others and avoid looking bad as well as to feel a sense of belonging with others.

Selfish-Service conflicts

Selfish-Service conflicts arise when our desire/need to take care of ourselves (our Selfish) seems to conflict with our desire/need to take care of and support others (our Service). Are we going to be selfish or are we going to be altruistic?

Of course, in any given situation, both these issues could be at play.

Prerequisite tools

undoing fear

Contextual tools

"An elegy for our souls" by Aiko

Actions tools


Not caring what others think?

RAFTS (reluctant and frightened to share)


Undoing fear of rejection/not looking good

Undoing guilt

Undoing seriousness

Undoing shoulds

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