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April 21, 2022

Forty-three years to circle the globe

Columbian Monomania-Episode 9

New York > Arizona > California > Japan > Shanghai, China > Kunming, China > Colombia

In 1979, after fourteen years in New York City, I moved west to Valley of the Sun in Arizona.

In 1998, after nineteen years in Arizona, I moved west to Hermosa Beach, California.

In 1999, after one year in California, I moved west to Tokyo, Japan.

In 2000, after one year in Japan, I moved west to Shanghai, China.

In 2010, after nine years in Shanghai, I moved west to Kunming, China.

In 2022, after twelve years in Kunming, I am moving west to Colombia, South America.

Always moving west to arrive almost at the same longitude as I started from in New York City.

A slight change in my flight plan

I wanted more layover time in Guangzhou to allow for any hiccups that might occur I booked an earlier flight:

Depart Kunming, China at 11:00 on Thursday, April 21st

Arrive Guangzhou, China at 13:10

Depart Guangzhou, China at 21:30

Arrive Los Angeles, United States at 19:40 Thursday, April 21st

Depart Los Angeles, United States at 22:03

Arrive Miami, United States at 6:02 Friday, April 22nd

Depart Miami, United States at 10:33 

Arrive Medellin, Colombia at 13:10 

Medellin, get ready for me!

​With my flight arriving at 1:10 PM, my friend Phil will meet me at the Medellin airport on Friday. After collecting my luggage and before leaving the airport, I'll buy a Columbian sim card for my mobile and I'll become a millionaire.


I will withdraw 1,000,000 Colombian pesos from an ATM. That will set me back $266 (USD).

We'll take a white taxi to my Airbnb in Laureles, Medellin, meeting both the host Andres and Julian, an interpreter that I have hired.


After depositing my luggage in my room, Julian, Phil, and I will go shopping. I'll buy an induction cooker along with some dried beans and groats. I'll also buy a wall calendar as well as a scale if the Airbnb doesn't have one. I don't want to gain weight in Colombia.

If we have time, we'll go to one of the nearby international universities to meet some students who might want to complement Julian in working as my interpreter.

After treating Julian and Phil to dinner, I'll probably be ready to crash.

Start of Columbian Monomania

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