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April 30, 2022

Overnight from tourist to expat

Columbian Monomania-Episode 11


Simon Posada

New full time personal assistant. (April 26)

Simon the Chef

Simon has one more year before he graduates as a chef.


Tropical stream 

This tree-canopied stream and park is less than a block from my (hopefully) new home.

cash 29.jpeg

I'm already here for good 

I was planning to go back to China to complete the moving process. I've talked with Heidi and we think it can be done remotely. I am here for good (the miracle of the ATM)

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-27 at 8.06.24 PM.jpeg

Draftee Simon

He had to serve one year in the Colombian army.


Jerry-rigged Internet

The wifi was not fast enough to talk easily with clients. The hotel manager helped me direct cable to a router box.


My new home (hopefully)

The 2700-square-foot home is in the best section of the city. It has an open-space feeling with vaulted ceilings. At 2 million pesos per month (now $507), I can afford it!


Colombian police 

Are out in force in preparation for a traffic-stopping strike set to start at noon (April 28th)

Didi driver.jpeg

Didi driver introduces his 23-year-old niece

When the didi (uber) driver found out that I was looking for a girlfriend, he called his niece (studying to be a flight attendant) on the phone and introduced me. (April 29)

instant pot 27.jpeg

Instant pot savior

I was able to die eating the limited selection of healthy food from restaurants. Simon helped me buy an instant pot and I love it! (April 27)


71-year-old house owner 

Octavio wants to lease his house to me. Together we're trying to figure out how to satisfy all the crazy agency conditions.


First cat in Colombia 

This is the first cat that I hold in Colombia. Simon and I are set to visit a cat store on Monday to see about buying a ragdoll cat.


Simon's tattoo

This is one of ten.

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